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Posted by Robert Redfern on 16 November 2012 02:08 PM


HEALTHY FOODS   The foods you eat affect your lung health

Eat Your Greens

ACTION:  Eat 9-14 small portions of fresh/frozen veggies every day. Aim to eat half of these raw.
REASON FOR ACTION:  Quality nutrients are vital to your recovery. Veggies are packed with nutrition

Healthy Fruits

ACTION:  Eat 5 portions of dark-skinned fruits every day. Include avocados - preferably 2 every day!
REASON FOR ACTION:  Dark-skinned fruits are low sugar and packed with anti-oxidants - essential for healing.

Limit Meat Intake

ACTION:  Limit your weekly meat intake. Eat pasture-fed meat wherever possible.
REASON FOR ACTION:  Meat is acidic - bad for cell health. Grain-fed meats include toxic antibiotics, hormones, etc.

Eat Beans, Pulses, Nuts and Seeds  -  Essential Fatty Acids and Nutrients

ACTION:  Eat 5 portions of beans, pulses, nuts and seeds every day
REASON FOR ACTION:  High in Omega 3 and balanced Omega 6, essential for good health and healing - anti inflammatory

Eat Oily Fish  -  Essential Fatty Acids and Nutrients
ACTION:  Eat 3-5 portions of oily fish per week. Vary your fish choices for optimum nutrient intake.
REASON FOR ACTION:  High in essential fatty acids, vital for cell health and anti-inflammatory

Include Healthy Oils  -  Anti-inflammatory oils

ACTION:  Include healthy oils like olive oil, hemp seed, coconut, avocado and sesame seed oils
REASON FOR ACTION:  High in HEALTHY mono-unsaturated fats and Omega3. Replace unhealthy oils with these for better health.

Substitute Starchy Carbs

ACTION:  Replace inflammatory starchy carbs like white rice, breads, pasta, cakes, cereals with healthier alternatives. Try Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth and Chia Seeds instead.
REASON FOR ACTION:  Reducing inflammation is essential to your recovery. Starchy carbs cause inflammation.


DRINK ENOUGH WATER   Water intake is essential for lung health
ACTION:  Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda to each glass.
REASON FOR ACTION:  Helps all major organs to function properly. Dehydration linked to degenerative diseases. Baking soda helps alkalise the body (acidic body = ill health)


WALK AND MOVE   Exercise and strengthen your lungs.

ACTION:  Walk every day. Build up to walking 3-5 miles per day
REASON FOR ACTION:  Ideal exercise to use and strengthen your pulmonary system. Low impact and stress-relieving


ACTION:  Practise Knee to Chest exercises every day
REASON FOR ACTION:  Start with these if you cannot walk far at first. Gentle exercise to ease you into a new routine.

Max It For 2 Minutes
ACTION:  Move your body at maximum rate for 2 minutes. Eg, jog on spot, star jumps, skipping, etc. Up to 6 times per day
REASON FOR ACTION:  Working at maximum rate for a short burst of time will strengthen lung and heart muscles.


BREATHING   Learn to breathe properly for lung health.

Relaxed Breathing
Practise relaxed breathing technique every day 
REASON FOR ACTION:  Breathing from your diaphragm helps clear cortisol and CO2 from your blood.

Use Acupressure Point  -  Technique to reverse stress breathing
ACTION:  Use your acupressure point CV17 with manual stimulation or Healthpoint device whenever needed.
REASON FOR ACTION:  This technique will quickly reverse stress breathing and restore relaxed breathing.


SOLAR POWER   Use the sun to help heal your lungs.

Sunshine Healing
ACTION:  Get outside into the sun every day. Use your daily walking time to do this.
REASON FOR ACTION:  Your body creates VitD3 when your skin is exposed to sunlight. VitD3 is vital for the immune system to fight infections and is also anti-inflammatory


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