Studies: Silver
Posted by Robert Redfern on 19 September 2013 10:01 AM

The studies attached only apply to Sol and HydroSol products below:

HydroSol Silver Spray

HydroSol Gel

MSM/Silver Drops

 pubmed safety study abstract.pdf (36.64 KB)
 platelet aggregation study - pubmed abstract.pdf (27.59 KB)
 abl safety study abstract - human ingestion study 10 ppm 2.6.13.pdf (47.23 KB)
 casestudy.pdf (737.50 KB)
 flu.pdf (70.55 KB)
 mrsa.pdf (168.92 KB)
 microorganisms.pdf (28.33 KB)
 hospitalcare.pdf (125.92 KB)
 swineflu.pdf (178.41 KB)

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