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Posted by on 31 December 2013 06:06 AM
Q: Good day Sir, I just want to ask if you already had feedback regarding removal of lung scar after using serrapeptase? Where can I probably buy your product, is it available in Philippine market? Thank you.

Mark Louie P.,


A: Mark,

You need Serranol to completely clear the scarring but it may take many months.
See link and you can buy it at
Q: Hello my mother has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis 4 months ago. She was misdiagnosed with asthma and has been sucking on a puffer for years with no relief. She lost my step father just over 12 months ago and has been under a tremendous amount of stress with one thing and another. She was never a smoker so we cannot understand how she has this terrible disease. They gave her 3 months to two years. I have her having accupunture and dried chinese herbs. She is feeling some relief. I have also just started her on iodine. A Thank you for your time.

Denise R.,

Bolivarian Republic of VENEZUELA
A: Denise,

See the plan at:
Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Plan and Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Activity Plan

She should plan on 60-90 days to clear this on the full plan.
Q: Hey Robert,

Thank you so much for all your help!

Denise R.,

Bolivarian Republic of VENEZUELA
A: Thank me in 30-90 days when she is better. Even then you and your mom deserve the praise for sticking to the plan because not as many as you thinks do so.
Q: I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis 3 years ago and took steroids for 2½ years. I was weaned off them altogether at the end of June this year. Please could you tell me what dose of serrapeptase I should take and how long before I notice any improvement?

Jan H.,


A: Jan,

To recover PF takes more than serrapeptase on its own.

The plan is here on this link.

Register there and I can coach you to complete recovery using tickets.
Q: Will serrapeptase help or cure pulmonary fibrosis?

Del C.,

A: Del,
My full plan does and it is here: Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Plan and Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Activity Plan
Q: My husband has fibrosis of the lungs caused from having radiation for lung cancer. I was wondering if it would be safe for him to take the serrapeptase? I have been reading some good things about it on here. He is on Prednisone. and alot of other medicine. I would appreciate a response from you about this.

Carolny H.,

A: Carolyn,

See my plan in the link below and it may have him clear in 45-90 days.
Q: I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and I'm about to undergo a small amount of Chemotheraphy to dampen down my autoimune system. Is there any conflict between taking Serrapeptase and this procedure. It seems to me that were your product to actually reduce the amount of scarring on the lungs at its current level I would still need to dampen down the immune system to avoid the problem reoccurring.

Robert V.,

A: Robert,

There is not a problem taking Serrapeptase with the procedure.

I am concerned they are not getting you healthy in the process.
Here is my recovery plan link below and my eBook attached if you want to consider the alternative to what is on offer at present.
Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Plan and Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Activity Plan
Q: Dear Robert Redfern,

I received your miracle enzyme book from What a super book it is so informative. I have pulmonary fibrosis and on 3-80,000i.u. 3x daily for the last month. My coughing, phelgm, mucus, and tighness in chest has decreased by 75%. I feel much better. I should stay on this regimen for a few more months than decrease dosage would this be correct. One other thing would their be a interaction if I took Pau D Arco twice a day plus my serrapeptase. Thank you so much on your book it has saved my life.

May God bless you now and forever.

Yours truly,

Robert J.,

A: Thank you for inspiring feedback.

Read more in my eBook Healthier Lungs in 30 Days
Download it here it is a PDF: Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Plan
Q: Dear Robert Redfern,

Thank you for your book on healthy lungs. I was trying to find out if I can take Pau D Arco with serrapeptase without any interaction. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Robert J.,

A: No problems whatsoever.

Q: Robert,

This is about Fibrosis of the Lungs that I mentioned to you before and I hate to bother you again, but do you think it is ok for my husband to take SerraNol and the OxySorb if he is on pain medicine? One is the Fentanyl patch and the other is Lyrica.  I was just wondering because I did not tell you he was on that. He takes that for the neuropathy he has in his feet. Thank you again for yor kind response.

Carolyn H.,


A: Yes it is fine.
Q: Robert,

Thank you so much for your response and all the information you have sent me. I appreciate it so much. I can not afford to get everything right now but I did order him some SerraNol and Oxysorb. I hope this is going to help him.

Thanks again,
Carolyn H.,

A: I trust you and he will follow the really healthy foods diet plan I sent? I know this is difficult in the USA but both of your healthy futures depend upon it.

Please read it here:
Q: Dear Robert,

I placed an order for the Serranol and Iodine and started both on Jan. 12th.

I have good energy for the most part. However, I am noticing a difficulty in getting to sleep at night. I take the last dosage of Serranol at bedtime, ditto for the Iodine.

Is it possible that it is keeping me awake? Should I try to take the last dose several hours earlier instead?

Also, I am 15-20 lbs underweight since major surgery earlier this year and the impact of the lung disease over the last several years. I am trying to gain weight. This past week, I ate good full meals of meat/fish and potatoes, vegetables, etc. And I eat snacks in between, smoothies, etc. I thought surely I had gained, but when I weighed myself, I had LOST 2 lbs..... down to 93.6 lbs. This was really disheartening. Is there anything in the ingredients of either of these two products that might cause me to lose weight, or keep me from gaining weight? It seems to me I did see that it could help those overweight.

Thank you,

Seline V.
A: Seline,

Take them no later than 5pm
Leave the potatoes out and keep eat more high nutritious foods like that meal. See and the attached at
You do not want weight, you want muscle. Do some muscle building exercises.
Q: Please advise what amount of Serrapeptase you think would help dissolve fibrosis in my lungs. I developed Interstitial Lung Disease/Pulmonary Fibrosis 20+ years ago (allergic to birds, I learned). It got better, but for the past 7-8 years it has gotten steadily worse and I am quite short of breath, have a chronic cough and have oxygen on hand when the oxygen levels get into the 80's which is frequent. I've read articles that Serrapeptase can help with dissolving the fibrosis, but what amount is needed. I am age 72. I understand that you have other good products with Serrapeptase, but I am on a limited fixed income/budget, so they are too expensive. I am using the Doctor's Best Brand presently, 40,000 units, as I did not know you had a product. I will try yours next. Thank you for all the wonderful information on your website.

Seline V.
A: Seline,

If you are going to take a limited amount then these two are critical:
Serranol (Serrapeptase/Curcumin/EcklonicaCava/Vit D3) take 1 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal
Nascent Iodine Take 3 drops x 3 times per day. This is food state iodine that many believe a deficiency of to be the root cause of fibrosis.

See these at or phone them on 1 800 455 9155

Of course I think you should be also be taking a good quality multi/vitamin/mineral every day.

Diet is also critical and stopping unhealthy industrial foods and only eating fresh or frozen home cooked is the way to get your lungs healthy. See my plan attached and at

Drinking 6 glasses of water with a 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass. Try 1/4 teaspoon if any difficulties.

Read more about Healthier Lungs in 30 Days at
Q: Robert, Thank you for your input. I was wondering if one can overdose on Vitamin D3, and if that could be the cause of mushy stools.... nearly diarrhea stage and not sleeping well. Could so much be toxic?

Vitamin D3.
In my Multiple vitamin it has D3 as cholecalcifer 1000iu.
Then in my Calcium supplement, it has D3 as cholecalciferol 1000iu per 4 tablets, but the most I take is 2 because they are so large and hard to swallow.
Then in the Serranol combo...... it has D3....2000iu per 1 capsule, and I take 6 capsules a day. That is 12,000iu.

Also, can one overdose on the Iodine? I take 9 drops a day of the Nascent Iodine, but also a chinese herb (Seaweed Hai Zao Wan) that my Acupuncturist has me on..... the 12 little tea pills = 1920mg. There is also potassium iodine in my Multiple vitamin = 150mcg.

Thank you for your input.

Seline V.
A: Over 40,000iu is getting to the point of OD
List what are you taking
Q: I have contacted you before for advice as my husband has pulmony fibrosis. He has been on SerraPlus 2x3 per day, curcumin and vit3 and trying to follow your diet for the last 3 months. He is also taking prednisolone and is not getting any better. My question is could it still work for him, can it take quite a few months for it to start working. Thank you for your help


Maureen P.
A: Maureen,

Normally there would be improvement by now.
I suggest changing to the Serranol which is more powerful and works out cheaper tahn the three things he is taking.
Also add Nascent Iodine Drops 3 drops x 3 times per day.
Q: Dear Robert

I would really like your advice on whether my husband should take Serrapeptase or not. He has had a cough for over 1 year and now after having a CT scan been told he has bilateral interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and ground glass opacities present may be indicative of an active pneumonitis.

I phoned the Natural Way Health for advice and was told about Serrapeptase, but after I did some search it stated that Serrapeptase can cause pneumontis and as my husband may already have this I am unsure if he should take it as it may make it worse. He has been on Phenytoin for 30 years.

Can you help me with information on this or if I can have a phone number of the manufacturers whom may be able to help.

Kind Regards

Maureen P. 
A: Maureen,

I am sending my recovery plan in the link for your husband.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Plan
Q: Robert,

Is more better? Your changed recommendation from SerraPlus 40,000iu(2) before meals 3 times a day to SerraEzyme 2 of each: 20,000iu and 40,000iu 3 times a day. Going from 240,000iu a day to 360,000iu a day, having been given the 7 bottles of SerraEzyme. My question is: Is SerraPlus a better choice for pulmonary fibrosis? Or are they all good choices for that condition. I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing for me.

Sincerely yours,

Jimmie W.
A: Yes, more is better and when they are gone choose SerraPlus+
Q: I have seven(7) bottles of Serrapeptase given to me by a satisfied customer(friend). What should I do with them? Four are serrapeptase 20,000 iu and three are 40,000iu they are all SerraEzyme. Your recomendation given to me are SerraPlus for a Pulmonary Fibrosis regimen. Which would be useful in my regimen later on, if not now? I need to know before I order more SerraPlus.

Sincerely yours,

Jimmie W.
A: They are all good. Obviously SerraPlus+ is better but most of the studies were done on 20K and 40K tablets that you have been given.
Take 2 of each of them 3 times per day before food.
Q: Hi - My father in law has pulmonary fibrosis and we have heard that Serrapeptase may help. Can you please advise us which product would be the best for him and what we should expect that it can do?

Also - is there a way we can purchase it in Australia? Contact Phone Number - etc.

Many Thanks.

Angela N.

A: Angela,

Serrapeptase is not available in AU and can only be obtained when it is bought from outside. I am sending the full plan in the link below which can be obtained from
Q: My father has just been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis would this enzyme help him and how.

Karen C.,

A: Yes it will help him and I would expect good results. Serrapeptase will stop the inflammation and clear the fibrosis.
This is an excerpt from my book 'The Miracle Enzyme'. It is the critical things he needs and I have attached the diet changes to stop it from coming back. He can introduce that as he feels better on the nutrients alone but the diet change is the long term solution.

    1. SerraPlus+ Serrapeptase (stops inflammation and clear inflamed dead tissue and fibrosis)
    2. Curcumin98 (helps protect and repair the lung linings)
    3. OxySorb (help improve oxygen absorption.)

See the above at

Obviously if he is feeling bad at present the greater the initial benefit. If he has not many symptoms then he may not feel the same great benefit.

My recovery food plan from any health issue (and anti-ageing).

Eating a mainly alkaline diet is the other critical thing to do (see attached shopping ideas).

STOP all starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products.
Eat some of the following foods every 2 hours.
Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups) (Organic if possible).
Eat 5 portions of beans, nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds)
Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries, red grapes (especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily) etc).
Wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only a small amount and better grass fed)
Hemp, Omega 3 or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil etc
Drink 8 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda.
Take 3 x 1/2 teaspoons of sea or rock salt daily in food or a little water.
Exercise every day: gentle rebounding, fast walking for 3 miles and low weight training ( all to the music of your youth).
Q:Could you please advise me of the dosage to be taken of serrapeptase for diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis.My father is quite breathless on exertion and has a dry cough and as yet is not yet on any conventional medication.


Karen C.,


A: Take the highest dose it says on the lable for one week and then start to reduce. Did you get the OxySorb? That will help with a few minutes of taking it with his breathing.
Q: I have not as yet ordered the OxySorb but will definitely consider it if the breathlessness gets any worse. Would 3 Serrapeptase tablets of 60,000 i.u be okay to take daily for a week or can he take more than that for the first week then reduce to that dose.


Karen C.,

A: Karen,

The breathlessness is the serious part of the problem and the OxySorb is the immediate solution. Serrapeptase and Curcumin98 are the only long term solution.Which brand of 60,000IU do you have? I need to know this so I can advise the dosage.
Q: I have ordered Natures Aid High Strength Serrapeptase 60,000 i.u hopefully be here at the end of the week and in the last half hour have also ordered the OxySorb too, should come in 1-2 working days.If the caurcumin98 is necessary for a long term solution in addition, I think my dad would try that also as he is just desperate to feel better.Are you saying that these 3  combinations of supplements can stop this disease or slow it down so that he would have a better quality of life (and maybe extend his life)?I ask this as it does not seem that conventional medicine can offer this and that he probably has a lifespan now of 3 years if he is lucky with ever increasing symptoms until he dies of respiratory or heart failure.

Karen C.,

A: Remember to give me a weekly update.
Q: Thanks very much for your help so far, just one more thing, would the 3 tablets of serrapeptase be ok to start with or would it be worth it to start on a  higher dose then drop down to that after a week.
will keep in touch and let you know how we go.
Thank You.

Karen C.,

A: 2 x 3 times per day 30 minutes BEFORE eating with a glass of water. Do as much of the lifestyle changes as possible introducing one change at a time.
Q: My husband aged 62 is suffering from IPF - has had it for 3 years now. He is very breathless now and coughing a lot of yellow phlegm. The doctor thinks he is deteriorating. He is on homeopathy remedies from "tree of life" Natasha Lindeman, and wonders if it OK for him to use your serraptase alongside it. Could you advise us of anything we can do to help him.

Kind regards.

Joan N.
A: Joan,

To clear up his problem it takes more than serrapeptase on its own.
Here is my successful recovery plan at this link below:

Read more about Healthier Lungs in 30 Days at
Q: Hi,

Many thanks for your reply.
My problem is that I have been taking Serrapeptase for the past 10 months to help my Lung Fibrosis
It has helped with sinus, cough and mucus reduction.
I stopped taking Serrapeptase after my recent diagnosis with ulcers in the duenum
I am taking a two month course of treatment to heal the digestive tract
How does Serrapeptase cause this discomfort with ulcers ? as I am wondering if I should continue with Serrapeptase at some time when the ulcers are healed?
It seems the only way to be sure the ulcers are healed is with another gastsroscopy which I don’t think the NHS will provide
Is the lifestyle plan in your Book ?


Sam S.
A: Sam,

I am sending the plan in the link below and yes it is in my book attached. You can start serrapeptase anytime and if it is does not cause discomfort then it is fine to carry one.


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