Questions on Taking Serrapeptase
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Q: How long before or after a meal should I take Serrepeptase?

Robert W.,

A: 30mins before a meal and 1 or 2hrs after a meal.

Q: I always took vitamin E 800 IU. Is it safe to take vitamin e with Serrapeptase.



United Kingdom

A: Dear Javed,
Yes complely safe.
I take 1000iu Vit E daily.
Just dont take them both at the same time as this will spoil the absorption of the Serrapeptase.
Q: I have been taking your serrapeptase for three years now with good results. Now I need to add iodine. Can I safely use iodine along with Seranol and/or SerraEnzyme?

Chris E.,

A: Chris,

Yes absolutely safe. Send me your testimonial when you are ready.
Q: Greetings...

I'm wondering if it's okay to take other supplements at the same time I take my Serrapeptase. I take L-Arginine, L-Proline and probiotics, all of which, like Serrapeptase, are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, can I take the above 3 with my Serrapeptase in the morning, when I first get up, and at night, just prior to bed. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Scott S.,

A: Take the serrapeptase 30-45mins before eating and the others things 15mins before eating.
Q: I would like to take Serrapeptase, can I take it alongside other medications and/or supplements? Will it effect how they work?

Maureen B.,

A: Maureen,

It is fine to use with drugs but what do you want to take it for and do you want my help getting off drugs?
Q: In original research on serratio peptidase, Hans Nieper warned against more than 20mg day. Just how safe are your extraordinarily high doses?


A: 3 Points:

    There is no measurement of an enzyme in mg as enzymes are measured in activity such as IU and HUT. Each batch will vary and therefore the mg has to be changed to give the activity.

    Do you have a link to any official Nieper documentation showing he said this.

    He used it on a few people for a few years. I have during the last 12 years had over 200,000 people on this high doses with great results and no side effects.
Q: What is the best time of day to take the serrapeptase?

How many hours to wait before or after eating to take the pills?

I just started taking them, to see if they will help me with hot flashes, heartburn, digestive issues.

Addie L.,

A: Addie,

My recommednations are:
1 80,000iu x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water

My concern is that this is not the best thing for you to take. Please come back to me and let me know how it works out.
Q: I read that 1 to 2 tablets of 5 mg of serrapeptase 3 times daily was used with very good results. 5 mg is equal to how many iu's. Can you get good results with 20,000 iu or 20,000 iu?

Edward W.,

A: Edward,

I have found the best results are obtained with 80,000iu x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water. I do not recommend buying in mg, SPU, SU or U.

These tiny 10,000iu and 20,000iu amounts was what I tested when I introduced serrapeptase 12 years ago. The results are now classed as outstanding with 80,000iu. This is why I named my book, The Miracle Enzyme.

Tell me what you want to treat and I can give you more accurate advice.
Q: I have read different advice on when to take serrapeptase, ranging from 1/2 hour before food to 2 hours before/after food. I assume that food must interfere or interact with absorbing the enzyme. Why are there different time recommentations on different products? I'm guessing it may have to due with whether their is an enteric coating or not.

Can you help explain this to me?


Roger R.,

A: Roger,

Since I introduced serrapetase to the wider world, wrote the book (the only book in existence) on it I suggest you come to my site for any information on serrapeptase. Anyone can put up a web site and say anything that pops into their head.
BTW It is 30mins before a meal.
Q: Hello,

May I take bioperine along with serrapeptase to help it to absorb better? Does Bioperin help with the asorption of enteric coating nutrients? Thank you.

Margie R.,

A: Margie,

There is no need to take anything with serrapeptase as it absorbs very well. What do you want to take it for?
Q: I have just received my Serrapeptase and Curcurmin order.

I know it is recommended to take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach....but can I take it on an empty stomach with my evening vitamins?

Thank you.
Pat P.,

A: Pat,

Vitamins and minerals should be taken with a meal.
Q: Is it possible to take Colostrum and Serrapeptase at the same time, on an empty stomach? How long should I wait after taking Colostrum and Serrapeptase, to take my prescribed medications?

Thank you.

Heidi D.,

A: Heidi,

Colostrum contains protein and cannot be taken with Serrapeptase. Take the serrapeptase on waking and the colostrum just before breakfast. Take serrapeptase as you go to bed and your third dose in the daytime. 
Q: Also should I take vitalzymes xe with your product..for overall health..Thanks.

Ted M.,

A: There are two choices much better than that:


Q: Can you take serrapeptase and nattokinase at same time as you take other supplements and medicine on empty stomach? Can you take blood pressure and heart meds at same time? I am abit concerned that they could absorb or engulf the meds. Also, can you take vitamin E or oil caps at same time or is it a good idea to take them with food separately.

Your serrapeptase has 250,000 spu's? What does spu mean? And how does that translate into mg & activity? As you are probably familiar, Cardiovascular has serrapeptase but it is only 5 mg with I believe 20,000 activity?

Thanks so very much for your answers and help. It is very much appreciated.

A: You taken anything at the same time but not oil caps.
There is no mg in activity.
SU are not IU and  SU equal about 50% of IU. See my formulations here:
Q: When taking serrapetase on empty stomach can I add at the same time other supplements which also need to be taken on empty stomach e.g. Wobenzym,probiotics etc.?

Miroslav K.,

A: Miroslav,


Tell me what you are want to take them for for better advice.
Q: Hello Robert.

I bought some Blockbuster All Clear for my sister-in-law and she takes one in the morning upon waking and one just before bed -- my question to you is

If I buy a bottle of Serranol as well would there be any problems to take one Blockbuster tablet (say in the morning) and one Serranol (before bed)

Would this be a way of getting all bases covered with the different ingredients

Thank you for a great product.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

Elaine C.,

A: It is better to take 1 BlockBuster and 1 Serranol together in the morning and one of each together,  30mins before evening meal. Taking Serranol before bed may keep your mind too active.
Q: Can you please tell me if it is better to take 2 together on waking (empty stomach) or one twice a day. If it is better to take 1 twice a day how long after a meal and how long before a meal?

Helen W.,

A: Take 1 (or 2) x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water.
Q: Thank you Robert,

I take Blockbuster in addition with other vitamins but am never sure what is the best dosage?
I will be 79 next January and still garden and exercise a fair amount and avoid doctors as much as possible.


Richard C.
A: Richard,
2 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal is perfect. Are you also taking UB8Q10? Eating really healthy foods? 
Q: Hi,

Can SerraPet be crumbled and added to food. My cat is unwilling to take pills, there is absolutely no way to introduce them down her neck as the results would be very bloody for the perpetrater. How many tablets are necessary per day?

Thank you,

Criquette R.,

A: It is Ok as long as the food does not have protein in it.
Q: Can I take serrapeptase and AHCC at the same time (together). Both are suppose to be taken on an empty stomach.

Jose R.,

A: Jose,

Not a problem taken at the same time but I strong suggest Serranol. See attached and at

Take 2 x 3 times per day 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water
6-8 x 500ml glasses of water with a large pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.
Q: Can you please explain why is there a need to eliminate carbs while taking serrapeptase and other supplements?

Susan E.,


A: See attached. They are toxic to humans and animals.

Against The Grain

Q: How often should Serrapeptase be taken each day?

Sarah E.,

A: What condition and have you bought some or do you want my recommednations? If so let me know what you want to treat.
Q: The directions on the SerraEnzyme (80,000IU) says "Take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times per day on an empty stomach with water or juice or as ... "

If i take the capsules first thing in the morning can I eat breakfast soon afterwards or do i have to wait some time later before eating?

Eric J.,

A: Eric,

Just wait 30mins before eating a meal.
Q: Hi.

I keep a kosher diet. One of the criteria i that we do not ingest aything from non-kosher animals or living things. Silkworm, or anything derived from it, is in the category of non-kosher.

From what is Serrapeptase produced and derived from today?

Many thanks!

Yonah P.,

A: All of my formulations are made completely vegan and kosher friendly
Q: Thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

As it happens, I just bought Serra Enzyme™ Non Enteric 80,000IU Capsules earlier today and have taken my first capsule!

I am taking the following supplements:
Metagenics Ultra Probioplex ND
Viridian High Potency Digestive Aid
Solgar Male Multiple
Nature's Plus Liquid Sunshine Vitamin D.

I am also thinking of taking Milk Thistle tincture.

Are there any contraindications to be concerned about for the above products or anything else?

Many thanks for your advice!

Yonah P.,

A: No problems whatsoever and they are good choices.
Q: I’ve been taking Serra Enzyme since 1st june, 9 a day 3 before each meal.

Is that the dose I should fake or should I be taking more or less?

Many thanks.

Yonah P.,

A: 9 is ok if you want a fast response.
Q:  Is this the correct protocol for taking serrapeptase - on an empty stomach 1/2 hr before eating and 2 hrs. afterwards?
Also, can you take other supplements that require an empty stomach at same time, such as nattokinase, 7 KETO DHEA, Armour Thyroid?

Thanks much.

A: Yes that is the correct protocol and yes you can take them at the same time.
Q:  Can you please tell me if it is better to take 2 together on waking(empty stomach) or one twice a day.If it is better to rake 1 twice a day how long after a meal and how long before a meal?

Helen W.,

A: Take 1 (or 2) x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water.
Q:  Thanks Robert.

I am confused as on the bottle I have (80,000 i.u.) it says take one or two per day on an empty stomach. Do not exceed the stated dose. I am taking this in the hope that it will ease the migraines I get, usually abot 4/5 per week. Also I thought all carbs are starchy.

Many thanks,

Helen W.,

A: Bottles have to follow the regulations which say you can only suggest one dose. I can recommend what is best.
To be precise stop all grains, cereals, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, potatoes, white rice, pasta, parsnips and any other food with dangerous amounts of starches in them.
Q: What is the recommended daily dosage for: 1. BlockBuster? 2. SerraEnzyme?


United States
A: Bob,

It depends upon the urgency but generally I suggest:
BlockBusterAllclear 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal
SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 cap x 3 times with the Blockbuster
Q: Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply. The low dosage in Danzen could very well work for smaller stature people or Asians or less severe cases. Takeda must have good reasons for selecting this dosage - reduced side effects perhaps.

Does the high dosage in SerraEnzyme cause side-effects? Has this been
studied and established?


Hester C.
A: Hester,

These 80,000iu are used on small dogs and cats with no ill effects. Size is not the defining factor as any excess enazymes are recycled by the body in to a different enzymes. Do you download the excerpt from my book The Miracle Enzyme and read it? All of this is covered in the book and on the web site
Q: Hi Robert!
Is it ok to empty contents of Serrapeptase capsules into water/juice for those who have difficulty taking capsules?
Many thanks.

Lindsay K.,

A: Yes, many take it on a spoon into their mouth and then just wash it down with water.
Q: Hello.

I am taking your product & was wondering how many I can take in a day? I am taking 60,000 IU extra strength. Is taking 9 capsules 3 times a day to many to start out with?

Would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.

Val S.,
A: Val,

I think you will find the SerraEnzyme 80,000iu better value but 2 x 60,000iu x 3 times per day should be fine. If your problem is very acute try 3 x 3.
Q: Serra Enzyme 80,000IU - New Super CAPSULE- 90 Quad Strength Capsule

Question= what does "Quad Strength" mean ?
A: 4 x more IU than the previous 20,000iu standard dose.
Q: If I wanted to take an Omega 3 6 9 oil, how long before and after should I wait to take it after my Serrapeptase???

Thank you for your time,

Laura P.,

A: You should take your oil with the meal and serrapeptase 30mins before.
Q: I am taking 2 tabs a day. If I take more, will the effect be better? Many thanks.

Donna W.
A: Yes for sure.
Q: I just placed an order and forgot to ask an important question. I ordered the SerraEzyme 40,000I.U. and I have a problem swallowing large tablets - can I crush this up and mix it with applesauce to take it?

Heather B.
A: Yes these are capsules, just open them and mix with a tiny amount.
Q: I have been taking serrapeptase for several years, and it's one product I won't go without. My question is: is it safe to take astaxanthin and serrapeptase both? Don't both thin blood? BTW, I started taking systemic enzymes after having a blood transfusion due to extremely heavy periods.thanks.

Kathy C.,

A: Kathy,

Yes it is fine and FYI neither of them thin the blood.
Q: You recommend taking 3 capsules of Serrapeptase 3 times per day for certain conditions. However, there are various strengths, i.e. from 20,000 i.u. to 80,000 i.u. Could you please elaborate. Thanks.

Stella M.,

A: The 80,000Iu is the best value.

Q: Thank you for your reply. However, it does not answer my question so I will re-phrase. When you recommend taking 3 Serrapeptase tablets 3 x per day, what strength are you referring to? There is, for example, a big difference in taking 9 of the 40,000iu strength as opposed to taking 9 of the 80,000iu strength, namely double the amount. Please advise. My husband has temporal arteritis and is on prednisone. He is also taking 2 of the 80,000iu 2 x per day. Is this sufficient or should he be taking more?

Thank you.

Stella M.,

A: Stella,

The recommendation is to take as many or as few as it takes to get the inflammation under control.
Then, with a high pH diet, they can be reduced to a low number for long term maintenance. The more he takes the faster it will be under control.

I am sending the food plan below for your interest.
My recovery food plan (and anti-aging) and to maintain 'perfect Health' (pH).

Eating a mainly alkaline diet (high pH) is the other critical thing to do (see attached shopping ideas).

  • STOP all during recovery, all, starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products. Once you have regained pH then cheating occasionally is normal. You will notice how bad you felt in the past from just one meal of these.  
  • Eat some of the following foods every 2 hours.
  • Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups) (Organic if possible).
  • Eat 5 portions of beans, nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds)
  • Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries, red grapes (especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily) etc).
  • If you want to eat meat, then wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only a small amount and better grass fed)
  • Hemp, Omega 3 or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil etc
  • Drink 8 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a large pinch of bicarbonate of soda.
    Take 3 x 1/2 teaspoons of Sea or Rock salt daily in food or a little water.
  • Exercise every day: gentle rebounding for 30mins or fast walking for 3 miles and low weight training ( all to the music of your youth). If you have serious health issues then you can start with lying on your back and cycling your legs in the air as this will improve circulation to your organs, legs and take the pressure of your heart and lungs when exercising.
Q: What is the danger using Serrapeptase with Plavix?

Robert F.
A: Dear Robert,

Plavix is a warfarin type drug used to thin the blood. There is no interaction with Serrapeptase been reported in 30 years of use.If you want more help in working out a plan to get healthy and off all drugs then please contact me any time.
Q: Hello Robert,

Today I received my order 8 serrapeptase megacaps .
They were hand delivered by the postman. But they were very hot. Not warm  but Hot.
I am very concerned as to how these are affected as I am going to give them to my children.
Please write back and let me know.


Andriana N.,

A: It is not a problem. They are inactive until they become moist.
Q: Hi there,

My daughter is taking SP and is finding the caps hard to swallow - can you describe the size of the tablets? ie small medium or large (large is like a Blackmore's Executive B for example)

Thank you.

Kerry F.
A: The SerraEzyme tablets both 20,000IU and 80,000Iu are very small.
Q: I do understand that the bad fats are digested by the enzymes! But I specifically wanted to understand how these are taken out of the body?
So does that mean bad fats that are in the arteries etc. and as they are digested they are digested as any other proteins in the body!? So they would be processed thru the small intestine & large intestine to be taken out of the body?

A: They are converted back to basic amino acids and/or recycled into new proteins. There are only two types of fats, real fats (healthy) and junk fats (hydrogenated).
Q: Hi Robert,

Thanks, but you did not answer my question... I had wanted to know once the bad fats are broken down with the serrapeptase how are the bad fats that are broken down taken out of the body?


A: This is a proteolytic enzyme and that is what protease's do, digest proteins and in the case of serrapeptase, a vital protein.
Q: Hi Robert,
Sorry to bother you again....

Can you tell me re serrapeptase enzyme, when it is breaking down fat in the arteries etc.

How does the fat get taken out of the arteries & body???

Thanks so much!!

A: Yes if you mean the bad fats. Good fats are essential for good health.
Q: It is more the digestibility of it I was concerned about - and the fact that some tablets can just go straight through!

Jen B.
A: Jen,

They are designed to dissolve in the small intestine.
Q: Hi Robert,

I am going round in circles with this!

Do you do a high strength 60,000+ iu serrapeptase, enteric coated in capsule form ?(tablets not easily digested in our case).  Thanks.

Jen B.
A: No, 40,000IU in enteric capsules, the next is 80,000IU tablet but it is very small and easily swallowed.
Q: Hi,

Please can you tell me if all your serrapeptase produces have any sugar or sugar type ingredients in them.

Also, have read that not only do they need to be enteric coated, they need a "pH sensitive enteric coating" to avoid being partially digested in the stomach. Please can you tell me if yours have this pH sensitive enteric coating?

Many thanks.


Jen B.
A: Jen,

Anything that is correct on the web has been written by me as I am the person who has researched and published the information sometimes web sites have changed it to look different.

EG All enteric coating is pH sensitive.
None of the formulation by me have sugar in them.
I also have one of my formulations that is not enteric coated which still gives good results as long as it is taken 30mins before food with filtered water.
See my formulations at
Q: Hello,

I have purchased the 80,000 iu Serrapeptase.  Is it safe to take with Nattokinase 1500 Fibrin Units?  

Thank you,

Tina Z.
A: Yes fine but consider BlockBuster as  better buy in future.
Q: I am deciding to buy the Serrapeptase, but I foudn there is 20,000 and 80,0000 I.U.  For my decision making, may I ask you about the doze please?

Wansamorn A.
A: Tell me about your condition.
Q: As far as you know, is it alright to take serrapeptase at same time as pharmaceutical blood thinners?

Cheryl C.
A: I know for sure it is fine.
Q: Hi I have just purchased Serrapeptase product from yourself. I am going to place an order for another 8 bottles. The question I have is :- can you take the above product and still drink alcohol, the reason I ask is that I am just about to go abroad for a fortnight on a family holiday and most nights  I like a glass of red/white wine or champagne. I only tend to have 1 or 2 small glasses over the weekend at home, but when relaxing on holiday I like a glass most nights, will this interfere with the above-should I discontinue use until I return home and then continue with the tablets? Many Thanks.

Eve H., :)

A: Eve,

That should be fine. It will not interfere.
Q: Oh and one more thing. I have an allergy to colophony for which I take fexofenadine 1 x 180mg whenever I take an allergic reaction. Colophony is a binder found in things like elastoplast, tissues, silicone and when there is any wood shavings around. I only found out after testing at Ross Hall April this year so I don’t know what other things have colophony in it yet, I’ll only know when I take a reaction. (My throat closes). Would serrapeptase or the spray interfere with the above? Sorry to have all these questions.

Eve H.,

A: I have not heard of such a reaction.
Q: I am interested in ordering some of the Serraezyme tablets but have a couple of questions.  Firstly, can you give me a rough idea of the tablet size - I find it difficult to swallow tablets.  Also, the information states that the tablets can be chewed before swallowing.  Surely this isn't a good idea as the tablets have an enteric coating which is supposed to keep them intact until they've passed through the stomach.  Could this be explained please?
Thank you.

Lynne O.
A: Lynne,

Tablets for SerraEzyme are quite small and can easily be swallowed.
The tablets are only chewed for a sore or inflammed throat.
Q: Thanks for the information.  How long should I wait to eat after taking serrapeptase?

Caroline K.
A: 20-30mins.
Q: On the bottle of serrapeptase it says 90 caps for 90 days but it also says take 1 or 2 daily and if 2 is taken 45 days is all there is in the bottle, but the website says 1 80,000 unit ios all that is needed.  So do me and mom take more than 1 80,000 unit per day?

Martin H.
A: I take 1 caps x2 per day just for feeling good. 2 x 2 if you need them for more than just feeling good.
Q: Hi.

Thanks for the update on my order!
I have a quick question on the "Blockbuster" pills I ordered--do I take WITH MEALS or EMPTY STOMACH like the Serra Enzymes?
Thanks a lot!

Susan S.,

A: 30mins before eating.

Martin H.
A: No problem.

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