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Posted by Robert Redfern on 09 March 2014 03:09 PM

Your questions:
Please advise or clarify how the serrapeptase dissolves the fibrin/cholesterol in the arteries. At one point you write it 'fragments' the fibrin -would this not cause another clot/blockage/possible heart attack? No this is a different type of blockage. That problem occurs where there are large clots being formed and usually called thrombosis. 
We are interested in using it for blocked arteries in a seemingly 'fit' 60 year old member of the family who has just had a stent put in and possibly needs 2 more in the next few months- patient very active- runs 5 k twice a week and plays golf carries no excess weight height 6'1 weight 82kg. I am presuming he wants to avoid further stents and there are no existing serious blockages since they have put one stent in. In any case stents are only a temporary fix and these will block up as they themselves are irritants in the arteries and irritants are the cause of the blockage. The usual irritants can be: a local infection, cortisol or free radical damage from a high carbs/sugar diet, causing damage to the endothelium lining. The liver then produces cholesterol and fibrin and calcium gathers to protect the area (which could eventually rupture without this protection). If the damage does not heal and the blockage becomes dangerous the artery will eventually create new pathways for blood flow called angiogenesis. Over-exercising and particularly distance running in itself create addition free radical damage making matters worse. It is established that distance runners have the worst health profile when compared to sprinters. Our bodies were designed to run like hell for a short period and then relax. Interval training is now recognised by health experts (ps medical doctors are disease experts) as the better and healthier solution.   
No prior medical events so this comes as quite a shock! If he had been better informed by the disease experts that 40% of the population will die from some sort of cardio event in the age group 45 - 75 it would have been less of a shock. Also they should have made it clear that consuming carbs and sugar, lack of greens, lack of water, lack of essential minerals missing from the diet and regular interval exercise is essential to avoid being in this group. The bonus is you also keep out of all of the other groups that die prematurely.
Your clarification would be appreciated as we are about to start the serrapeptase? I suggest following the food plan in my eBook and starting on 2,000,000iu of serrapeptase in 4 doses over the day. See my eBook attached and if he wants my guidance let me know what plan he is planning to follow. 
Cannot see any great number of testimonials on your website about blocked arteries and the use of this enzyme have read 3 at the most - do you have any others or anyone who is on it that I could contact? I have helped many thousands around the world thousands over the last 14 years since I introduced serrapeptase to the Internet and have not had time but have recently hired two full time people whose sole job is the updating of the thousands of pages of information.

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