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Posted by Anna Jones on 24 June 2014 04:14 PM


"I used Kidney Rescue on my choc labrador a few weeks ago as she kept squatting to wee so thought she might have a urine infection. It cleared up in a couple of days, so I gave her one a day for a few days. No adverse effects noticed."


Debbie, Cheshire







“We fully realize here at our kennels that there is no placebo effect for dogs or cats. They do not expect and have no beliefs about any help we can give them and therefore any help administered to our canine guests is obviously beneficial and invaluable to them and us.


We have used serrapeptase with great effect both on dogs and cats here and the owners have continued at home. There have been real benefits with cysts, lipomas and circulation in the situation of any healing methods for wounds they had without necrosis.


Arthritis has been noted to specifically improve and movement is always noticeable and the benefit of serrapeptase for all lumps and cysts is confidently clear to us.


We have also used Probiotic14 in digestive anomalies and this is a huge benefit. Digestive ailments tend to respond within 2-3 days or sooner. Probiotics have been invaluable to turn to. Also the pet owners now use them for their dogs and cats with ‘dodgy and sensitive’ tummies!


On occasion we have also used Hydro Silver for infection and Nascent Iodine topically. These are all gentle aids to health along with following a natural diet. This can help a much loved pet to live a longer and happier life.”


Tracey Bennett

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