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Really Healthy Foods
Posted by Robert Redfern on 08 August 2012 10:41 AM

Really Healthy Foods Recovery Plan.


Really healthy foods are foods that are unprocessed and could be eaten raw as picked if required. Processed, high sugar and over cooking of foods are one of the prime causes of diseases. 59% of your foods everyday should be eaten raw: EG Salads, raw soups, veggie with dips, fruit etc 

Unhealthy foods include:

1. Breads (inc. wholegrain, wholewheat, wheat pasta and most breakfast cereals). These contain proteins that are seriously bad for your health and also cause allergies.
2. White Rice
3. High sugar root vegetables such as, potatoes and parsnips etc.
4. Cows Milk Products
5. High sugar fruits
6. Most Fruit Juices
7. Most Soda/carbonated drinks


See more in the 3 attached files at the bottom:

1. How Much Sugar are you eating
2. ReallyHealthyFoods 15 Page plan
3. Against the grain (why grains and cereals are bad for you)

4. Read the main reasons why you should not eat grains and cereals:


Download them now, print them and put them in your Good Health Folder.


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Take good care of yourself
Robert S Redfern aged 66 and getting younger since stopping eating starchy carbs!

 against_the_grain.pdf (76.86 KB)
 really healthy foods plan 15-page guide.pdf (843.54 KB)
 how many spoonfuls of sugar are you eating per day (1).doc (28.50 KB)

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