Top five ways to create content the easy way
Posted by Krishna Penugonda on 10 January 2013 11:35 AM

Content plays a very important role. Quality of content can engage your visitor and bring in more visitors to your website. One of the questions I have been asked by affiliate marketing people is lack of time and how to create unique original content in least amount of time.

I will devote in this section some techniques how to get content easily and incorporate in your website

  1. User Involvement:  Encourage visitors to ask questions and allow them to post articles/ blogs in your site or tips. Republish the same after giving attribution to the author.
  2. Quotes and suggestions:  Pick up relevant quotes and suggestions from your social media followers. You could use these quotes to write a article and quotes would help you to get the topic idea.
  3. Content from  how to and media sites:   Grab relevant questions  from variety of sources such as yahoo answers and  put up a article based on questions and answers can be from your stand point
  4. Create Summaries:  Check on topics which are trending  in google, find news articles and summarize them
  5. RSS feed: RSS feed syndication is a good source to get articles on daily basis. There are lot of software tools which are available to  get feeds and publish in your website.

The above strategies would be really  helpful when you  lack time and need content on your website

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