Serrapeptase Product Inquiries
Posted by on 08 January 2014 10:09 AM
Q: Dear Robert!

I told my herbalist about your brand of serrapeptase and he does not believe that at this price this is a quality product as stated.

As you know there are so many supplements on the markets with claims by the manufacturers of their potency and purity. That is why there are so many independent research sites and magazines that verify those claims and compare different brands. I am fighting cancer, so it is of prime importance for me.

Could you, please, give me some assurance as to the purity, and activity of SerraEnzyme, not only the price, for I see that the price is very low.

Thank you very much!

Anya K.
A: Anya,

I am the world expert on serrapeptase. I introduced to the web 12 years ago, wrote the book on it and have the widest and most powerful range of formulas.

Tell your herbalist to look at my range here:

If they can find a more powerful range I will give $1000 to any charity they name. I trust they will do the same if they have to admit they were wrong.
Q: Thank you so very much, Robert!!

Your expertise is very valuable indeed!

I am going to buy the Serra Enzyme that you have recommended instead of my SerraPhase.
I have been taking three of the latter. To replace them I would have to take only one of Serra Enzyme, great!

I have also been taking five Univase Forte with SerraPhase three times a day. Do you think what I am doing is right?

They say that Dr. Gonsales advises his patient to take a break from them. What is your opinion?

Thank you so very much!

A: I have taken serrapeptase for 12 years now without a break.
Q: Hi, dear Robert!

I switched to Good Health brand Serrapeptase. I opted for enteric coated. However, I have read that it should be PH sensitive and it should look different from what I have received, which looks like regular capsules.

I wonder about its bioavailability.

Thank you very much!

Anya K.
A: Anya,

I am not sure what you mean and I can assure you everything they sell is made to my specification. It is the best there is.
Q: Here is what I meant:

Comparative evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of a pH-sensitive enteric coated pancreatic enzyme preparation with conventional pancreatic enzyme therapy in the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Dutta SK, Rubin J, Harvey J.

The therapeutic efficacy of a pH-sensitive enteric coated pancreatic enzyme preparation was compared with conventional pancreatic enzyme preparations in 6 adult patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Fecal fat excretion and postprandial duodenal recovery of orally ingested pancreatic enzymes were evaluated after ingestion of each preparation. Fecal fat excretion decreased significantly (p less than 0.005) on treatment with pH-sensitive and conventional pancreatic enzyme preparations. Postprandial concentration and delivery of trypsin and lipase in samples aspirated from duodenojejunal junction were higher after ingestion of conventional pancreatic enzyme preparation as compared to the pH-sensitive enteric coated preparation. The difference, however, did not reach statistical significance. Our observations suggest that the pH-sensitive enteric coated pancreatic enzyme preparation is only as effective as conventional pancreatic enzyme preparations in controlling fat malabsorption in patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Failure of pH-sensitive enteric coated preparation to deliver greater quantities of pancreatic enzymes at duodenojejunal junction is most likely related to the impaired release of enzymes from microspheres due to low intraluminal pH in the upper small intestine in pancreatic insufficiency.


In an attempt to critically examine the therapeutic efficacy of pH-sensitive enteric-coated pancreatic enzyme preparations in patients with pancreatic insufficiency due to cystic fibrosis, postprandial duodenal concentration and recovery of orally administered pancreatic enzymes, duodenal pH, and coefficient of fat absorption were determined in eight cases after ingestion of equivalent dosage of enteric-coated as well as conventional enzyme preparations. Ingestion of a pH-sensitive enteric-coated pancreatic enzyme preparation was accompanied with a significant (P less than 0.05) reduction in steatorrhea, as well as a lower mean concentration and recovery of lipase and trypsin activity in the postprandial duodenal samples. Furthermore, the intraluminal duodenal pH was noted to be below 4.0 during the postprandial period in all patients. These data suggest that in cystic fibrosis, the greater therapeutic efficacy of pH-sensitive enteric-coated preparations over conventional preparations may be related to the protection of pancreatic enzymes from the highly acidic milieu in the duodenum, allowing for possible bioavailability in the distal small intestine.

Anya K.
A: Anya,

It says on the bottle they are enteric coated then they are.
Q: "The question is PH sensitive enteric coating, not just regular enteric coating.

Maybe you would want to investigate it further.

Warm regards,

Anya K.
A: Anya,

All 'enteric' and 'delayed release non enteric' are pH sensitive. That is the whole point of them.
Q: What about Univase forte?

Anya K.
A: Anya,

It is not something I would ever recommend.
Q: Why not?

Anya K.
A: Anya,

It has enzymes extracted from animal organs and they need a different pH to function compared to plant based enzymes.
Q: I have been prescribed NutraMedix Serra Peptase. How does this brand differ from those on your comparison chart?
What are the advantages of taking the ones your recommend?

Please advise.


United States
A: Jeane,

     They have a 4x less per cap than in my formulated SerraEnzyme 80,000iu capsule
    I believe they are mislabelling (under FDA and FTC rules) the bottle picture on their web site says Serrapeptase 500mg on the front but the facts panel says 200mg on the back for 2 caps ie 100mg per cap.* It is a minor ingredient in the list. Is this incompetence, deception or what?
    It is retailing at nearly four times the price per capsule of SerraEnzyme 80,000iu.


    They do not have the 12 years experience with serrapeptase uses to give advice (Unless they read my books and websites).
    They have not written a book on it as far as I know.
    They do not have the wide range of choices that I have developed:

*Peptizyme SP® gives 200,000 SPU from 1000mg (Serratia Peptidase) therefore a 100mg cap =200,000SPU/10= 20,000iu or SPU
Q: I am looking for a brand of Serrapeptase that is Gluten free and and has not been exposed to Penicillum notatum or Aspergillus fumigatusor any other mold. I am currently using Zymactive by Natural Factors a Dr. Michael Murray product. It has trace amounts of milk, soy, coconut, and wheat which I should not be exposed to. Is all the Serrapeptase available made with edible fungi?? Thanks for having this question box.!!!!

Lee Y.,

A: Dear Lee,

You will see from my serrapeptase web site that I am the person who introduced serrapeptase to the wider world 12 years ago when I wrote the book on serrapeptase. I did this after giving hundreds of bottles to test for efficacy. In the past 12 years I have gathered the largest database of efficacy for various conditions.

Since then I have created the widest and most powerful range of serrapeptase formulations and all of them have always been priced at the lowest price possible. Since then there has been many copycat formulations and all of them are priced higher and some are 6x the price of my formulations.

My formulations are made to the healthiest formulations possible. See the range and ingredients at
Q: What are oxygen producing enzymes and how do we obtain them?

Elaine E.,

A: Elaine,

Q: Is the measuremnt "quad-strength" the same as 80,000IU?

She R.,

A: Yes 80,000iu

Q: Hi Robert,

Great website - I have enjoyed your information, but you state on incorrectly on your site ...

“To clear the confusion regarding milligram (mg) contents my recommendation is that it is better to ignore them completely and just look at the International Agreed Units of Activity (IU Activity). If it does not say IU on the bottle then it is not IU’s. You may see U or you may see SU. These are not IU and are considerably less potent than IU. IU has been used for Serrapeptase for over 30 years. U and SU is a new measure designed to confuse buyers much like the phone companies do with their price plans.“

I called Enerex (manufacturer of Serrapeptase) to question this and because they were labeling in IUs and are now labeling in UNITS not IUs, simply because Health Canada has changed it`s labeling regulations. They have mandated that in Canada, IU`s be reserved for vitamins and hormones, and units reserved for enzymes. The amount of enzyme in each Enerex Serrapeptase pill has remained unchanged, just the label has changed. So it has nothing to do with confusing buyers, Enerex have no choice in the matter.

Perhaps you should update your comments as they are not truthful, in the case of Enerex products.

Thanks - Steven J.,

A: Steve,

Sorry I missed your email.

I would be glad to ammend the web site if you could send a copy of their final production analysis required under GMP so I can compare it to IU. The USA seemed to be the first to break ranks and confuse things.
The reason we have International Units is so all countries state the same activity and so there is no confusion. I still see mg on various bottles and mg have no bearing on enzyme activity unless you know the units per mg at final stage of encapsulation (which is always much less tham at the start of manufacture).
Q: Robert, are these products easily available in Australia, I can't seem to find an Australian contact number. Can you please let me know, thankyou

Adam L.,

A: and the phone number is on the top right.
Q: I have been taking curcuminx4000 & blockbusterAllclear for about 3or4weeks 2 three times a day do I need to cut down or keep on taking them

Paulette P.
A: No reason to cut down unless your health goals are reached.
Q: Purchased Serrapeptase 120,000U. What is recommended dosage?
I take numerous other supplements. One of your reading states not
to take with oil. Is this the fish oil supplement? I also take two meds
Nexium & Benacar. Will this lessen the effectivness of Serrapeptase
is I take it same time with other supplements & 2 meds?".,

Gini G.
A: Gini,

You are correct do not take with oil. Oil should be taken with food anyway.
Take 2 caps x 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water.
If you tell me what you want to treat I can advise you more.
Q: I haven’t stopped taking them (yes.. they are the SerraEnzyme) and I was about to order some more, but I will order the Serranol instead and see how things go.

I presume the dose I have been taking is classed as a ‘small’ dose?

I’m not unduly concerned at this stage but more interested in what could be going on in my body and why! I was wondering whether there could be a detox going on that has overwhelmed my immune system, on the other hand, perhaps I have simply fallen foul of a nasty respiratory tract infection which coincided with starting the Serrapeptase.


Donna D.,

A: Donna,

No, 9 per day is the high dose. 1-3 per day is the low dose.
Q: Is it alright to take serrapeprase if I am on Warfarin?

Geoffrey M.,

A: Geoffrey,

Yes but tell me why you want to take serrapeptase and I can give a complete answer.
Q: Hello Dr. Robert,

Is it possible to take two serranol or three capsules at one time.
I am asking this for my mother aged over 75.
She cannot keep with the need that stomach must be empty and not eating for 30 minutes afterwards.

A Alqtn.,

A: Yes but not after 4pm in the day.
Q: I have two questions Dr. Robert.

First is taking serranol (3 capsules per day) fine for someone who is not complaining of anything?
Second what is the source of Vitamin D in serranol? Is it 100% natural source and not synthetic?

A Alqtn.,

A: Yes taking 3 per day, 1 -30mins before each meal is perfect.

The VitD 3 is from 100% natural sources and is not synthetic.
Q: Hello Dr. Robert,

Is it possible to get rid of eye glasses by using MaxiFocus, or Can-C (out of stock for sometime now)?

A Alqtn.,

A: No not short sighted problems only macular degeneration etc.
Q: Hello. My friend has suggested Serrapeptase and has given me a tub to try bought from The Detox Shop (Rising Dragon Ltd) ( I would rather have waited and bought from your suppler as it is what you suggest but this looks the same. Is it genuine and safe please? Thank you.

Bronwen "Bee" E.,

A: Bee,

I am sure it is fine.

Tell me what you want to treat and tell me the strength of the one you have so I can advise you better.
See my full range at
Q: I have been prescribed NutraMedix Serra Peptase. How does this brand differ from those on your comparison chart?
What are the advantages of taking the ones your recommend

Please advise

Jeane A.,

A: Jeane,

They do not make Serrapeptase, they buy it in from someone else.

They have a 4x less per cap than in my SerraEnzyme 80,000iu capsule.

They are mislabelling (under FDA and FTC rules) the bottle picture on their web site says Serrapeptase 500mg on the front but the facts panel says 200mg on the back for 2 caps ie 100mg per cap.* Is this incompetence, deception or what?

It is retailing at nearly four times the price per capsule of SerraEnzyme 80,000iu.

If I sold at these prices I would be very wealthy.

They do not have the 12 years experience with serrapeptase uses to give advice (Unless they read my books and websites).

They have not written a book on it as far as I know.

They do not have the wide range of choices that I have developed:

*Peptizyme SP® gives 200,000 SPU from 1000mg (Serratia Peptidase) therefore a 100mg cap =200,000SPU/10= 20,000iu or SPU
Q: I just discovered this website, a real treasure. My only problem is I am in Canada, thanx Steffan 72

Steffan C.,

A: See my formulations at
Q: For some reason I cannot open your link to the preview of the book.... nor can I get your email link to work. I am very interested in your work and product, can you please help me to get access to the info?

Thanks & Aloha...

Sally B.,

A: has links to all of my downloads and books
Q: Having read your book I would like to know were to get ALL of the products you mention in there, I know I can get serrapeptase from you but am intrested in several others items as well. Many Thanks.

Sylvia T.,

A: Telphone 0800-015-1580 and they will help you with all of the products.
Q: Hello,

I am thinking of trying Serrapeptase, and obviously the buy 3 get one free seems the best choice, especially with free postage.
However, I am prone to digestive problems, and I'm wondering what your returns policy is. If I was to take them for a few days and found they were upsetting my digestion - would you be prepared to take the remaining tubs back ?

Many thanks,

John B.
A: John,

Yes that would be fine but if you get a refund or credit for 2 if you return 3.
Q: OK, saw that you have videos here, do you have any other interviews, radio shows or such?
Q: Hello, I would be interested in purchasing some of your prodcut but I am an ex pat living in Bangkok and I dont think you either sell it here or I can import it?
Do you have anyway of getting it into Thailand?

Thanks and regards,

Paul W.,

A: Paul,

Yes, we sell to quite a few ex pats living in Thailand. I have never heard of any interference with their orders.
Q: Hello. I've sent an e-mail to you a few days ago. I'm living abroad (South America) and I was wondering whether I could purchase some of your product by a wire transfer, as I don't have a credit card. If so, please send me the details.

Doris C.,

A: Yes, just order the products on and select 'send payment' method. You will get an email with the payment details.
Q: I have not recieced the e book yet- but I have been chared for it!! Please advise me as how to get it!.

Ethel B.,

A: See it attached but please email me a copy of your bill if you got one so I can make sure this works in future.
Q: Hi Robert,

We have begun the change of diet and now want to purchase the serrapeptase, you kindly forwarded a link where we could purchase this in the UK but we live in New Zealand! Please could you advise of a good retailer where we may purchase Serrapeptase in New Zealand.

Sandra T.,

A: is the fastest.
Q: Hi there again,

I know this is kind of random but I pulled this off of Google.

Fish and Birds

"The protein content of silkworms makes them good fish food. A silkworm diet improves the slime coat protection of the Koi fish and its resistance to bacterial or parasitic infections. Both wild and captive birds, including many types of finches, quails and parrots also eat silkworms. Some birds eat the worms as well as the moths."
I was just wondering if there have been any studies on Serrapeptase and it's benefits on the wildlife in Japan and China. Maybe the "powers that be" haven't put two and two together??? Maybe the health benefits aren't from the silkworms or moths themselves but from the Serrapeptase they are ingesting when they consume the insects???? Just a thought.

Read more: What Eats Silkworms? |

Thanks again for your time!

Laura P.,

A: Laura,

Very interesting. I will use this in an article.The silkworm manufacturers serrapeptase in its digestive tract simply to help digest tough mulberry leaves and dissolve the cocoon.

Serrapeptase that is in capsules and tablets is a living proteolytic enzyme and is grown in large tanks in a lab.
Q: Dear Robert,

Thank you for the very informative book. I will read it in more detail soon as I have a chance.

I am very interested in learning more about Serrapeptase, as a health practitioner/nutritionist and Contributing Editor/writer for The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine magazine. But, before recommending it, I prefer to try it myself first.

Please please advise me of the cost, the amount, where it can be obtained, and if there are practitioner's discounts?

I am in QLD Australia, but have clients in numerous other countries (US, NZ, UK, EU).

Thank you.


Carla D.,

A: Dear Carla,

You can get all of my serrapeptase formulas from

Go to the bottom of the page and register as a wholesale customer. I am copying this to Alison who administers the site and will change the settings for you once she has your registration.

I have sent a more information attached.

The simple explanation for serrapeptase is that inflammation and inflamed avital tissue is a major factor in just about every disease but serrapeptase can only be seen as part of a larger recovery plan. I have sent my eBook on lung health to show you an example of a large recovery plan.

As to testing it on yourself unless you have very uncomfortable symptoms then I am not sure you will feel the effects. One way you can feel the effects is to do an activity that would normally wreck you such as digging the garden or weight lifting. If you would normally wake up the next day with aching muscle then simply by take 3 SerraEnzyme 80,000iu as soon as you finish the work the aching will be dramatically reduced.

If you have an existing condition then let me know and I can give you my best advice for this using serrapeptase.

24 pp focus on saving eyesight

Healthier Lungs in 30 Days
Q: I recently purchased Zymactive (double strength) from a company called Natural Factors.
I'm unclear about the rating of the dosage strength.
My current daily dose 200,000spu/gram x 10 pills/day.

Could you please explain in layman terms what this formula means?

Thank in advance.

Peter B.,

A: As these are non standard terms then my recommendation is that IU is double the activity of the other terms in use.
Q: Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, How can I subscribe for a blog website? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided shiny transparent idea.

Maria D.
A: Why not become an affiliate? At
Q: Hi Robert: I read online there is recall on serrapeptase, is this correct?
Does this mean we should not take any kind of serrapeptase?


Debbie P.
A: I can assure you this is not correct.
Q: Hi
I am a practitioner (nutritionist) in Brisbane researching this enzyme and want to know 1. can I purchase w/sale? and 2. Is this product approved by the TGA?...I have a few people wanting to try this asap..thanks

Julie W.,

A: Julie,

Yes you can buy it wholesale.
It has not got TGA registration yet. As sales in Au are building up quickly I plan to register the best sellers soon.
Let me know what you want to order and I can get a quote to you.
Q: Thanks Robert for your fast reply...
can you let me know wholesale rates ect so I can get an order away?

Julie W.,

A: Julie,
It depends upon what you want and so please give me an idea of the products you are interested in.
Q: Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for the information on Serrapeptase. I think the SerraEnzyme may be the place to start as a trial. Can you let me know if I can get it from you at a wholesale price to onsell to my animal patients or do I need to contact the company or a wholesaler direct?


Patty W.,

A: I have passed this onto the company selling in AU to contact you.
Q: Interested in Book and Forluma Plan (Pills/Liquids) Serrapeptase Health.

Gary K.,

A: See them all at
Q: Hi!

I went to the Canadian site because I want to send some Serrapeptase to my sister in Canada so that she would try it. However, I think the postage charges are over the top.

Mike L.,

A: Mike,

I just asked them to correct it. It should be working now. For Canada site kindly go to
Q: Thank you:

I went to the referenced Canadian site but it wants to charge C$20.00 for shipping, which I find a bit steep, so I have backed away from it


Mike L.,

A: Mike,

Why did you not go to the UK site It is free shipping there within the UK.
Q: Hello England!

We have been selling your product called Serrapeptase with good success for a while.
We have few serrapeptases on sale and I wish to buy the product ( straight from you, so if possible, please inform me as soon as possible how to proceed.

You are the manufacturer right?

Yours sincerely,

Tommi S.,

A: Yes we are the manufacturers
Are you VAT (sales tax) registered?
Q: Thank you Robert,

Holy Smoky there was lots of interesting things in your magazine:)!
Ok, I will contact Lucy.

So there is a different company for VAT-customers or is it your sister company?

Thank you very much indeed!

Tommi S.,

A: Tommi,

Separate company belonging to my daughter, Lucy.
Q: Hi,

I just placed an order for some Serrapeptase and seen that it may be out of stock (capsules). I have no issue if the order is replaced with tablets so I can start using asap. Thanks.

Jace R.
A: Hi Jace,

Changing to the tablets is not a problem, I have asked stores to change them over, and they will be dispatched today, by airmail for you.

If I can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Q: Robert,

I contacted you earlier about side effects of Blockbuster AllClear when I tried it and experienced dizziness. I waited a month and tried again with the same results. Sadly, I am not going to be able to use the product, but I know there are many how do use it with great results. I have 3 unopened bottles on which I wrote the date they arrived, and do not want to just throw them away. I contacted the Good Health Naturally site requesting information on how I could return these bottles for a possible refund or a possible exchange for an equivalent in Serra Enzyme, which I will continue to use, but have had no response. Can you advise me on how to get these bottles returned so they won't be wasted?

I am disappointed, but not upset that I can't use Blockbuster. I know my nervous system is very sensitive and have had problems with dizziness over the years. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Barbara B.
A: Just call the help line at the top of the home page and they can fix it for you.
Q: Hello,

I am owner of the health shop in Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain and I have been asked by my english clients for 80ooo serrapeptase. What do I need to do to purchase your products?
Thank you.


Fernando V.
A: Call +44 207 043 9059 tomorrow and they can set you up with trade prices and ship out tomorrow. Download the catalog you see there on the left hand side.
They can also send you some brochures and newsletters.
Q: Hi there,

I have just registered with you and wish to order 6 x serrapeptase, I see you have an offer of buy 3 get one free, will this automatially be included in my order.

Teresa C.
A: Teresa,

No, just click twice on the 3+1 offer.
Q: Hi,

I need to get Serrapeptase 80,000iu with MSM and trace minerals but somehow cannot find it on your page.
Would you kindly advice which one is it I need to order?

Thank you very much.

Dagmara K.,

Q: Greetings,

I was wondering if I can order(Serrapeptase) by phone in Australia and pay by Postal Money Order as I do not have a credit card.If so whats the mailing address.

If products are sent from overseas is there any issues with customs etc. Thank You.

Terry T.
A: Terry,

Yes they are shipped from the UK and they can only take paypal or CC. There are no regular problems with customs and they are shipped out and recieved everyday.
Q: I would like to try the serrapeptare. How do I purchase some?

A: click on the ads at
This will take you to your nearest supplier.
Q: Why can't I order the 3+1 90 tabs 20,000 iu of the serraezyme ... the UK and Australia sights have it but not the USA.  This was such a huge seller ... please explain or refer me to where I can purchase this.  Thank you.

Patricia H.
A: The USA has still got them as SerraPet but when they have gone they will only sell 40K and 80K. The SerraPet is on special I think.
Q: Urgent.  Wish to order my usual enteric coated tablets 80,000iu 90 quad strength but can't find them on the order list.

Beryl P.
A: Beryl,

They are on the front page. The first two items.
Q: Why is the cost of SerraPlus+ Mega Caps+MSM+Trace Minerals(4 for the price of 3)so much more expensive here in Europe than the U.S. I've just returned from a business visit to the U.S and purchased the above for $89.95. Here the same product costs £59.85! At roughly $1.95 to the pound that is $116.71 a difference of $26.76 or £13.72 extra!! I would appreciate it if you can explain why there is this difference.


Malcolm T.
A: Dear Malcolm,

As a businessman you will know the cost of doing business is much higher in the UK, not counting VAT/Duty/Shipping. Even with the lower costs the cut throat competitive prices in the USA barely cover the revenue.  I wish the USA prices were higher.
Q: Dear Sirs,

I am a nutritional therapist practising in Cyprus.  I would like to order Serrapeptase wholesale for my clients, about 2000 Sterling's worth.
Our ministry of health in Cyprus requires a FREE SALE CERTIFICATE issued by the Ministry of Health of any European country. This certificate designates that Serrapeptase can be sold over the counter without a doctors prescription.

Can you comply?

Best Regards,

Garo Y.,

A: Dear Garo,

There is no such thing in the UK. Either the product is freely sold or it is banned. There is a big movement by the drug companies to get all supplements licensed in all European countries but its real aim is to take the ones that REALLY WORK of the market.

We can mail them directly to your clients and send you your 40% margin if this will help.
Q: Dear Robert,

This is a standard EU certificate which must also apply to the UK.  If you cant get it I cant order.

Best Regards,

Garo Y.,

A: Garo,

I can assure you it does not apply to the UK. I know it is used in various European countries but not the UK and I hope it never becomes law here but bureaucracy is spreading throughout the EEC. Example: unpasteurized real Fetta was easily available throughout the EEC but it is getting harder to find it.

Take good care of yourself (because the state will not)
Q: I would like to order the special of the three bottles serreptase as per your website for 58 pounds +/- with extra bottle I do not wish my e.mail details to be given to other groups and how can I send my card details to you knowing itis a safe site?

Sheila A.
A: Sheila,

We have customers still with us after 15 years and that only happens through trust. That is how you know your info will be safe when you put it on the web site.
Q: Dear Robert,

Thank you for being so prompt - I will place an order - please tell me how much it would be with airmail postage to South Africa - BUT it must be sent airmail, bubble wrapped and sent as a GIFT - No Commercial Value - and it must be sent to my Post BoxPlease let me know how much this will be and I will then send my card details to you. Mr. D. Cooper of Pietermaritzburg has recommended this product from you. Or if prefered, I can get a U.K. cheque sent to you from Scotland. But the card makes it easier perhaps. Please know we have enormous problems with theft from parcels, particularly from the U.K. So the plainer the wrapping, the better.

Best regards and thanks,

Sheila A.
A: Okay.
Q: Hi,

The last order I had from you was serrapeptase 80,000iu TABLETS, have you stopped doing these? (I just logged on to order some and see that the ones now are 80,000iu capsules).

Karen W.
A: The tablets are out of stock for 2 weeks. Both will be stocked normally.
Q: I wish to order 1 bottle of the super strength serrapeptase 80,000 iu strength.  I cannot get thru even though my cookies are disabled. Pls advise.

Matty A.,

A: Please call the helpline on the web site at the times shown or email your phone number to call you.
Q: Hello,

I would like to know what your wholesale price is on the serrapetase.


Daniel I.
A: You can only buy it for your own use until we get a license for Australia.
Q: Dear Mr. Redfern,

I'm very interested in health in general, lately involved in Innerlight Inc's products and the alkarian lifestyle by Dr Robert Y. This interest not beeing the "mainstream" ideas, means that I cannot promise you any definite volumes yet. However, Serrapeptase looks like something nice and "new" and could be of help to many people. Would it be possible to get a discount(=my profit) on ordered products and I resell them in Finland ? You could consider wholesale conditions when we see how sales develop? Do you have affiliates already in Finland ?

Kind regards,

Anders O.
A: Dear Anders,

I have know Robert for many years. We first met about 15 years ago when he lived in Salt Lake City. The diet he recommends accounts for my youthfulness at 61 years of age. His diet combined with Serrapeptase, Curcumin and OxySorb can turn any health problem to good health. We do not have any affiliates in Finland. I came to Helsinki about 10 years ago to give a talk on my HealthPoint (
Q: Robert,

I`m not sure if I fully understood your mail. Is it possible to "gradually"  develop a wholesale profile by strting with smaller amount at a discount?

Kind regards,

Anders O.
A: Dear Anders,

Yes tell me the various quantities you wish to buy at and I can then give you a discounts based upon those.
Q: Robert,

Would you please send the price (and special offer if any ) of Serranol. Can't find the price on your web page.


George B.,

A: You will need to phone them about the availability of special offers. It looks like there is a big demand and they are rationing it.
Q: How does your serrapeptase compare to Vitalzym?

Moreah S.,

A: Moreah,

If you place my super formulations Serranol or BlockBusterAllclear alongside Vitalzym you will see how superior they are

Vitalzym is so embarrassed how little is in it they do not even state the amount of serrapeptase on the bottle or even their web site.

If you have a health problem then tell me your goal and I can help you achieve it.
Q: Hi,

Your serrapeptase tablets are enteric coated. So i don't understand.

1. Why can I only take them on an empty stomach?


2. If I have just eaten why do I have to wait for 20 mins before taking a tablet?

Basically I have read that if a tablet is truely enteric coated then you can take it with food without issue as the coating protects the tablet content from all stomach acid.

appreciate if you can clear this up for me.


David C.,

A: David,

I offer various enteric and non enteric coated formulations
the non coated have a new delayed release capsule to get it safely through the stomach

The empty stomach is required to get the enzymes into the small intestine and into the bloodstream quickly and unhindered by food and especially protein foods.

The coating is only there to protect against the stomach and cannot protect against getting mixed up with foods digestion.
Q: Hi, could you please tell me what the shelf life of your serrapeptase+msm is if it has been kept refrigerated since purchase?

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards

Chris J.,

A: Chris,

About 2 years from purchase.
Q: Hi,

I'm a bit concerned about the phthalates used in some of the enteric coatings of Serrapeptase. Can you recommend any brands which don't use phthalates?

Thank you!

Lauran C.,

A: Lauran,

I can assure you there is no problem with enteric coated and it is all marketing hype. Here is the full range and the blue cap SerraEnzyme, BlockBuster and Serranol are all NON enteric coated.
Q: Is serrapeptase the same as serracor-nk and Serra rx80?

Kelly S.,

A: Kelly,
These are just expensive look alikes and not as powerful as my formulations you can see here
Q: I want to buy Serrapetase from you? I use to buy from iherb site (EUA)?

Is it possible to ship to São Paulo, Brazil? Or you have other place in Brazil to get your products.


Carmen O.,

A: Carmen,

The best prices and formulations for you are at
If you want more advice on your health problems please come back to me.
Q: What is your opinion of Serrazimes? (It was designed as an alternative for serrapeptidase, a product initially isolated from a bacteria found in the gut of the Japanese silkworm. Serrazimes has the same fibrinolytic activity in vitro as serrapeptidase supplements.)


Roy M.,

A: Roy,

What condition do you want to treat?
Q: Where can I buy Nattokinase Formula

Gordon B.,

A: Gordon,
Q: As I do not swallow tablets and pills, is SerraEnzyme enteric coated tablet still effective if chewed before swallowing?

A: Best to use the SerraEnzyme 80,000iu capsules and simply take double if you open the capsule and take it on a spoon, washed down with a glass of water.
Q: I am ordering few medicines like serrapeptase for my mum. Is there any offer or promotion code please. Thanks.

Krishna S.,

A: Krishna,
I am not involved with sales. You can see the special offers on the web site or phone them.
Q: Hello! I am interested in purchasing "SERRA PLUS", but I've notice it contains organic sulphur. Being allergic to sulpha based drugs, would MSM be an issue?

Peter B.,

A: Peter,

Tell me what you want to treat and I can advise better.
Q: The serrpeptase you sell is not enteric coated.
Bottom line, is enteric caoting necessary, does it increase nonavailability, does non enteric coated work?


Philip M.,

A: Philip,

I have formulated a full range of both enteric and non enteric coated products. I personally take enteric coated as do my whole family inc. grandchildren.

See the full range here
Q: Please compare mg and serratio units. For instance how many serratio units make up 1 mg?

Anticipatory thanks.

Betty C.,

A: Betty,

There is no system to compare as each batch of serrapeptase has a different ratio IU : mg at time of manufacture. If the IU is lower then the mg are increased. Stick with one of my formulations so you always know what you are getting. See them all here
Q: How do I purchase this and how much does it cost?

Patty V.,

A: Patty,

See all of my serrapeptase formulations here as well as the prices and specials
Q: Dear Robert.

Thank you for the prompt response to my email 21st April.

Would you please let me know how much a month it would be to have all the medication that you suggested for my Westie, and please include a multivitamin/mineral as I am not giving one at the moment.

Many thanks.

Pat W.
A: I am guessing you are in South Wales (Glyncoed) and so call 0800 015 1580 at and ask for Kirsty who can give you an accurate
price for these.
Q: Dear Robert,

Please send me information about Serrapeptase.

Thank you.


Donalyn K.
A: Donalyn,

See the attached and let me know what condition you want to help so I can advise better.
Q: Good morning,     

I am still trying to educate myself on the subject of serrapeptase. I see that your product is enteric coated. Could you please tell me if this
coating is made from phathalates? Another brand warns about using this type of coating. Thank you.

Natalya W.
A: Natalya,

This 'other site' site is just scaremongering. They have very little experience in serrapeptase compared to
they do not have the feedback from thousands of users so they are
giving an opinion. Read all about it at Everything about the science that is in my book is there.
Q: I would like to purchase some Serrapeptase.

I live in NZ, how do I go about a purchase re converting NZ dollars into Australian? Also I would need price of postage.

Sheryl B.
A: Sheryl,

Just place your order on the Oz site and it will show in your currency on your credit card statement. The exchange rate will be at the point of the card being charged. It is impossible to tell you what that will be. There is no shipping charge, it is free.
Q: Robert,

I have been trying to find phthalate free serrapeptase for years and have had no luck. Do you know of one?

The enteric coating is made of phthalates in every serrapeptase I have found so far.


Tim J.,

A: There is only enteric coated or none enteric coated. The studies on the phthalate amount in the coating showed a beneficial effect on the liver. After ten years of taking 240,000iu I have to stand as one of the healthiest 65 year old around.
Q: Robert,

Got a link that deals with weather enteric coating really matter or are effective ?


Kevin C.,

Q: Is there any difference in the SerraPet for dogs and the SerraPlus? They are both 80,000IU and enteric coated tablets. Is there any reason I can't order one for both of us?

Kathy S.,

A: Kathy,

No reason whatsover except the SerraPet are tiny tablets for easy administration.
Q: Every time I try to buy curcumin it tells me that there is nothing in my cart.

Neville G.,

A: at
Q: Thank you Robert for answering my query so promptly (under Operation you don't need - apologies I posted in the wrong place!). I have ordered the Nascent Iodine however I would advise you that the automated response for signing up to the help desk appears not to be working. I have tried 2 different email addresses and I am unable to register and therefore to log on.

Brilliant idea because this is how I found out about Serrapeptase in the first place via a moderated forum.

Suzanne T.,

A: Can you try registering by pressing the Register button again and let me know how successful you are.


Q: Is the serrapeptase enterically coated and does it contain Phthalates?

Susan W.,

A: Sue,

You can see a whole range of enteric and non enteric formulations here
I personally take the enteric coated and have for 12 years since I introduced serrapeptase.
Q: Dear Robert,

My Brother and I recently purchased your excellent book. Also some serrapeptase tablets from Well Being. There is no mention about side effects from these tablets but we both experienced different side effects after taking the tablets for about a week. My brother did not feel right and I had chest pains and felt generally unwell. Is this usual. I kept on with the tablets but my Brother stopped taking them. This is the first day I have felt reasonably better. I would be interested to know your thoughts about this.

Kind Regards

Pamela W.,

A: Pam,

I dont know what they put in this product.
Also what are you treating?
Q: I am concerned about the negative health implications of "plastic" in the enteric coating of Serra Enzyme and Blockbuster. Do you have an alternative?


Leanne H.,

A: Leanne,

You have been reading marketing mis-information by untruthful sales companies.
I have always given the customer choice of coated or uncloated and that is why I have created the largest range of serrapeptase formulations anywhere in the world both in tablet and capsules. See the full range here:
Q: Is this Serrapeptase product animal based or plant based?

Linda S.,

A: Linda,

It is completely vegan for the past 25 years.
Q: I followed the instructions on your website for a free down load of the book explaining serraptase. I reveived the email and now I learn that the book is available at half-price. I do not understand why there is now a charge. Can you explain?

Thomas V.,

A: Thomas,

Did you get the 34 page extract of the book that I have attached? This is the Free Offer. The full 143 page book is the part that is paid for?
Take good care.
Q: The capsules I bought are 90,000 IU, and say to take once daily, is this just a maintanence dosage?

Elaine B.,

A: Elaine,

I am guessing they are 90,000U which is about 50,000IU equivalent.
If you tell me what you want to take them for I can advise better.
Q: I hear good results from drinking Stinging Nettle tea for problems with hayfever, allergy. I myself am on Serrapetase in place of Plavix /Aspirin. for blood thinning.
A: I do not know about herbals teas but I do drink them myself as they taste good.

Serrapeptase is not a drug and it does not thin your blood.
Q: Hi.

I recently bought a supply of Serranol. The problem I have is that they are really big tablets and I don't like taking tablets at the best of times but this involves taking 3 times a day and quite often one would stick in my throat after taking one.

Could you please let me know if there is an equivalent or similar which comes in a smaller size or if the Serrapeptase on its own is a smaller tablet. Many thanks.

Kind regards.

Fiona R.,

A: Fiona,

Serranol can be opened and mixed with a little water or juice or if this does not work for you consider SerraEnzyme tablets. SerraEnayme Serrapeptase
80,000iu tablets are tiny.
Q: Dear Sir,

You mention oxygen promoting enzymes. I am writing to ask you to please explain to me what those are precisely. Also, I am wondering why you mention specifically CurcumminX?
In your opinion is it superior and if so for what reason please?

Thank you for your kind attention to this email letter. Please know, my admiration hat is tipped to you in great honor to care enough about your fellow human beings to really help.

I've long not feared thinking outside the proverbial box, therefore admire all those who refuse to be railroaded into the box of mediocrity as well.

Kind Regards,

Kathleen S.,

A: Kathy,

Thank you for your kind words but that fact is I have always been an anti-establishment thinker and so thinking outside the box is as natural as saying good morning.

OxySorb is an liquid enzyme that helps clear Co2 from the blood stream allowing better oxygen absorption.

CurcuminX4000 is 23x better utilized by the body companred to ordinary curcumin.
Q: Hi I have recently purchased 2x90 serrapeptase quad and 2x90 serrapet and the ingrediants appear to be the same. Can you please tell me the difference apart from the cost.Thanking you in advance.

Gordon N.,

A: Same product just a different label.
Q: What is your Serrapeptase derived from?
T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network
A: It is created by a friendly bacteria called Serratia E15 grown on a plant material.
Q: Only with the serranol so would more be of any assisstance?

Martin H.
A: I do not believe so but it will not do any harm to try.
Q: Just wanted to know please, does the enteric coating on your product contain any talc or aluminium?

Thank you,

Rosemary B.,

A: No.
Q: I was just slightly concerned as these are enteric coated.

Lindsay K.,


A: Lindsay,

Absolutely no problems with the coatings but that is why we do not use the enteric coated powder to give choice.

Q: I was wondering if you could let me know the effective life of serrapeptase once in the body - assuming it is not digested and makes it into the blood stream. Would it be hours/ minutes or dependent on the amount of work it has to do eg. lots of digestible protein so it wears out. Sorry I am not using more technical terminology.
Has there been any studies on this aspect?


Marigold J.
A: Marigold,

All enzymes if not used within a few hours of ingestion will be recycled into another useful enzyme. 
Q: Hello.

I am very interesting to buy Serrapeptase for inflammation. What is the best kind of Serrapeptase that you recommend? Thank you very much.

Maria P.
A: Maria,

It depends upon what you are wanting to treat. Tell me more for more advice.
The basic is SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating. See this at
Q: 1. What is the difference between enteric and non enteric coated?
2. Do the tablets/capsules contain salicilates?
3. Does serra help neuropathic pain?


Peter F.
A: 1. Entercoating ensures it does not disolve in the stomach and only in the small intestine.
2. No.
3. It helps from pain from inflammation only. See Serranol for Neuropathic pain.

All of your questions and much more may be answered at
Q: Hello again,

It looks like the SERRANOL product contains salicilates, is that correct?
Does SERRANOL also contain Serrapeptase? (I ask that because one of the ingredients of SERRANOL is Serrapeptidose which sounds similar to Serrapeptase.)

Hope to hear from you,

Peter F.
A: Peter,

Just to be clear, Serranol, Serrapeptase nor Serrapeptidase (which are the same thing) contain any type of Salicilates. I have seen some companies adding white willow bark to their formulation. It is not in any of mine.
Q: Can I order from you, pay vis PayPal and have the product delivered to my sister who lives in Canada?

Thank you.

Michael L.

A: Yes that is fine. You can order on the Canada site as it is free shipping.
Q: Hi Robert,

I was wondering what sort of enteric coating you have on your serrapeptase?
I hope its not hpmcp as this is plastic and was banned in 2003.


Kevin C.,

A: I have the widest range of non enteric and enteric coated serrapeptase and the enteric coated contains no banned substances.

See them here
Q: I have noticed that some of your Serrapeptase says that it is enteric coated and on others it does not. I read on you site that SP needs to be absorbed in the intestine, it therefore has to pass through the stomach without being denatured. Could you let me know if your product is 'enteric coated' enzyme and/or an 'enteric coated capsule'. I have been told there is a difference.


Trish H.
A: Yes my formulations have the enteric coating on the outside capsules or tablet.
Q: Has the enteric coated formula caplets/ tablets been stopped.....if so why.... capsules float in my throat and invariably go down sideways and we were always told the coating was necessary.

Maurice S.
A: Maurice,

The web site has both enteric coated and non enteric coated capsule. There are some people who want to buy it non coated.
Q: Robert,

A question now about your serrapeptase. The caps are enteric coated. Could you find out for me what is used for the enteric coating? Rafe has a hard time with some enteric coatings.

Thanks so much,

Melanie B.
A: The enteric coating is hydroxypropylmethylcellulose known as HPMCP.
The capsules can be opened and the powder mixed with a little water or low sugar juice.
Q: Is it just the capsule that is coated? Not little beads within? That’d be good. HPMCP is a coating he is middle of the road with, some success, but not real good. Maybe next time I’ll just get tabs. My daughter will do ok with these and so will my husband.


Melanie B.

PS We are still thinking about 1st line. My friends insist absolutely no metals can be nebbed so the first kit I bought will go directly into HPLC to satisfy them. But they are very excited that you have this. They are paying me back for that kit so I’ll probably be ordering another one right away. Both my kids are on antibiotics until mid November so I wanted to build up a stash of 1st line to have on hand when they can start using it.
A: They can also take 1 DIP (Daily Immune Protection) per day to stay clear of infection.
Q: Hi Robert,

I was looking for the Nattokinase on your site but can only find serrapeptase. Please can you tell me the web you have?

Thank you.

Rosemary B.,

Q: What is the difference between the green cap & red cap serrapeptase advertised with the same description?

Thank you.

Leilani Z.
A: Capsules and tablets both the same IU.
Q: If the powder is taken out of the capsule you are suggesting for animals and children,is it enterically coated, or is it the capsule shell that provides the enteric coating? I read that half the amount does not get past the stomach in unprotected Serrapeptase which makes it a rather expensive treatment.


Halldora I.
A: It is the shell that is coated.Yes you are correct that 50% does not get through but 50% does and with the new 80,000IU caps (which is double what they used to be) you are still getting 40,000IU and the majority of the amazing stories came from that amount.
Q: Robert,

Hi! Hope you and your family are doing fine and well!

I have a question Nattokinase--I'm taking 3 Blockbusters each day (+3 Serrapeptase; 80,000 IU) and I see there is Nattokinase in that formula. Is there any need to take Nattokinase in addition to what's in this formula? I didn't think so, since this should be enough to keep the blook thin and not take aspirin? What are your thoughts on this question? Didn't want to overdue it with aspirin and/or Natto too.

Thanks so much for your help on this matter!

Susan S.

P.S. Love your products!
A: Susan,

There should be enough nattokinase in BlockBuster. Are you take them 1 x 3 times per day?
Q: Can you tell me if the enteric coating of your tabs/caps contain Pthalates?

Roma S.
A: Yes a tiny amount and in studies it is just enough to stimulate the liver and encourage it to become healthier.
Q: Dear Robert,

It is some time since I last contacted you, but I did send an email on your website before Christmas and got no reply . I am hoping the reason why you did not reply is that there is indeed a problem with serrapeptase .

I read on another website about somebody called Dr Ray Sahelian who has written a lot about serrapeptase side effects . I am sure you will know about this with your knowledge of serrapeptase .

He says that not enough is known about side effects from serrapeptase and it should only be taken for 5 days a week in a small dose such as 20,000 units . Do you agree with this ? I am about to reorder my serrapeptase and need an answer from you about this as to what I should order . As I have been taking 80,000 strength for a long time ( just one a day for several years now ) .I am still taking it for my arthritic knees and I am glad to say that they seem to stay the same without deteriorating any more . I would also like to know if they have a good effect on cholesterol levels as last time when I had a test although my cholesterol is 7 , I was told it was alright because of the good and bad balance in the readings . Sorry I do not understand about the readings to explain it properly .

Kind Regards.

Eveline G.,

A: Eveline,

I disagree with what this person has written. He is not an expert on serrapeptase and has not been in touch with me before writing these things for my views. If doctors would stick to science and keep opinions to themselves the world would be a better place. Ask Mike Tawse He still takes it and when he tries to stop some of his problems start to come back withing weeks.
Q: Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please let me know if serrapeptase is both gluten and wheat free.

Thanks in advance.

Sundip M.,

A: Yes SerraEnzyme 80,000iu is.

So is Quinoa, the best alternative to wheat and rice. See
Q: Dear Sirs,

I have not succeeded in being able to contact, Robert Redfern, the author of the book which accompanied the above medication, purchased from you last week .
My email, sent to the address on the back page of the book, was returned as "no such email address" .
I wish to contact him regarding the issue of dissolution of the capsule surrounding the internal powder - or, to be more precise, the fact that these capsules do not appear to dissolve, even when immersed in hot water, after some hours .

Surely, if this is the case, they will not dissolve within the gut either ? How then does one receive the effects of the medication, if the capsule remains intact ?
Please either answer this question, or forward to me an address at which I may contact Mr. Redfern .

Thanking you in anticipation.

Graeme H.
A: The capsules is designed to dissolve in the small intestine after passing through the acid of the stomach. It does this perfectly and with over 100,000 user with good results over the past ten years you can be assured it works. FYI It will not dissolve in water.
Q: Dear Mr. Redfern,

Thank you for that reassurance .
(Whilst I had no doubt that the medication itself works - I have convinced most of my friends and neighbours to take serrapeptase also - the fact that the capsule appeared not to dissolve in even the hottest water was surprising, to say the least .)

Kindest regards,

Graeme H.
A: My pleasure.
Q: Dear Sir,

I am interested in the benefits of Serrpeptase for my 78 year old father and 60 year old mother.

Your name was mentioned to me on the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) yahoo group as somewhat of an authority on this.

I have perused your website on this, and wanted to check if you had anything else you would like to say about this?

Sherwin S.
A: Sherwin,

The benefits are many and varied because inflammation is a major factor in all aging diseases and to keep them safely clear is sensible.
Please tell me of their health specific problems or concerns and I can advise better.
Q: Dear Sirs,

In your catalogue you sent so kindly with my order it is stated that the SerraEzyme 60 capsules 40,000iu at 17.95 is the cheapest you do. However the 80,000iu 90 capsules at 50% more and double strength works out far cheaper on both a capsule and iu basis. That leads me to wonder if the price of the 60 capsules of 40,000iu is actually correct. I would like to know as I am not sure that I can tolerate even one of the 80,000iu per 24 hours as I have such a strong vascular reaction to it which I suspect will lead to basilar artery migraine if I take one capsule more than once a week or so. I am very sensitive to food, drugs, otc medicines chemicals, smells etc. and can tolerate very few food supplements.

Kind regards,

Charles M.,

A: Hi Charles,

Thank you for your enquiry. With regard to the price, it is correct as a major part of production cost is in the manufacture rather than the content. You are right that the 80,000i.u. represents the best value. With regards to the 'side effects', none have come to light so far, after many thousands of peple taking it. As an enzyme its role is to help the body function properly and it only acts on inflammatory factors and non-living tissue. It has no effect on live cells, hence it cannot harm in any way. For your own peace of mind, start on 1 per day. Less than that is unlikely to have any benefit. Beware of stressing yourself at the thought of taking it, as this in itself could trigger a migraine.
Q: Can you tell me if all your capsules are vegetarian?

Carol P.,

A: Carol,

Yes they are.
Q: Hi Robert,

Please could you explain something for me. I am taking SerraEzyme megacaps 40,000 units 400 mg. I read the bit below am confused about the 30 mg part.
"Serrapeptase is an enzyme blend of which there is 500mg per capsule. However, the active enzyme is called Serratia Peptidase of which thereis 30mg per 500mg of blend." How many mg is there in the blend of the 400mg I am taking? Also is Serrazyme the same as Serrapeptase?

Kind regards,

Eveline G.,

A: Eveline,

30mg is equal to 300mg of active serrapeptase if they are telling the truth about 30mg. There is no organization to check what goes in any bottle. In the 400mg (which I guess is my formulation)  there is 40mg of active serrapeptase. Really look at the IU 40,000iu which is the real measure of effectiveness (if they are telling the truth).
Q: I have ordered Serrapeptase 40000IU.

On for most conditions it says to start with 3 tablets 3 times a day for 7 days. It also indicates you could have up to 30 a day.

The confusing point for me is what level of serrapeptase is this referring to 20000IU, 40000IU or 60000IU
The bottle directions on my SerraPlus+ show one tablet 2 to 3 times a day but I am not sure whether this is for general maintenance or to deal with the condition related problems shown on the serrapeptase info web site ie 3 x 400000IU megatabs 3 times a day for seven days

Please can you advise me on this?


Michael S.
A: Dear Michael,

It is especially confusing as  there are many different strengths and the response can vary depending upon the severity of the condition. Basically the more you take the fast and more consistent the results. Then lower as the symptom continue to subside.  
Try 2 x 3 - 40K and review within 3-4 days.
Q: We are interested in purchasing serrapeptase but, would like to know the ingredients of all the serrapeptase products. My husband has to avoid all products which have any form of aspirin in them. Although it is unlikely that there may aspirin in your products we cannot take the risk. Can you please enlighten us on this subject. With thanks.


Jean S.
A: The ingredients are on the web site for each product. I can assure you there is no aspirin of any kind in them.
Q: Do you have outlet in Sydney where I could purchase serrapeptase direct and do you stock nattokinase.

Cheers and Thanks,

Michael L.
A: No, only by mail. Natto should be on the web site.
Q: Hello again Robert,

Could you please tell me if the product is sent from Australia, or if I can pick it up there - we are travelling from NZ to Australia in about 2 weeks, and apart from not knowing really which product to get, unless it comes from Aussie, will have to wait. Sorry to be a nuisance - but thought I was corresponding with Australia.

Warm regards,

Sharlene M.,

A: Sharlene,

It sent from the UK and takes about 5-7 days to arrive.
Q: I just tried to phone you on 0061 870 241 4237 and apparently this number has changed/unobtainable.  I want to have a talk about which product to get.

Do you have a shop or is it all by mailorder - we will be in Melbourne/Noosa in July.
Look forward to you reply, hopefully with a phone number.

Cheers from a snowy Wanaka/NZ

Sharlene M.,

A: Sharlene,

The number is 00448702414237 UK times office hours or we can call you back if you send your number.
Q: Please tell me which is the strongest formula  and is  it  available in capsules? I was about to order then the IUs changed to MG.Thanks.

Rosemary B.,


PS I cannot login to my account it doesn't recognize me? 
A: In Capsules it is the 80,000IU SerraEzyme.

Call the helpline in the morning or email your phone # to to call you back.
Q: Hello Robert,

At this moment, we sell to final consumers through the internet, newspapers, magazine advertisements, direct publicity etc, and also to several health stores, doctors and practitioners.

Now we are expanding our product line and increasing our sales not only through the above mentioned ways but also by participating in commercial fairs, through agreements with big companies and
associations such as Banks and Automobile Portuguese Club, etc. where we appeal to their employees and partners by allowing them a discount on buying our products.

We are willing to pay a very special attention to healthstores and pharmacies where we intent to mark a strong presence together with practitioners and doctors.

Concerning doctors, things are a bit more complicated once they still offer a big resistance on accepting Natural Products, excluding a very small number of exceptions among these professionals.

Food Supplements (dietary supplements) Portuguese market is considerably recent and dominated by cheap and low quality level products. Only recently we can find some American labels of better

Resuming, we sell to all kind of consumers and we will expand our sales through all these ways.

All the Enzymes Dietary Supplements, from serrapeptase, nattokinase, digestive enzymes, fulvic acid, pre and probiotic products and others all of these require a very special and dedicated attention.

Day by day we are achieving a stronger, prestigious, confident and a much more known Biolife.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

All the best.

Jorge S.,

A: Dear Jorge,

I am still very interested in your taking on our products in Portugal. Please go through the web site and let me know which products specifically  you would want to start with.  If you prefer I can suggest some of the best sellers.
Q: Is Serrapeptase enteric coated ?Thanks.

Judy T.
A: Yes it is.
Q: Why don't you carry Serrapeptase in capsule form.  I heard that capsules digest better and are easier on the stomach than tablets.  Any time I take a tablet of any kind it just sits in my stomach.  I really want to purchase Serrapeptase, but I don't know if I can handle taking 3 tablets at a time and that is what I should be taking.

Carol E.
A: Every one of the serrapeptase range is in capsule form
Q: Where can I purchase the above products in South East Kent?

Mary K.,

A: Call the suppliers to Health Stores on 01606-889905 and let them know which products you are trying to find. You can of course get them next day mail order by calling 0870-2414237
Q: This is about Serrapeptase - Order Question. Who are those people, are they in China? Do they have a name and location?

Thomas S.
A: Thomas,

They are in India but you are being naive if you think anyone would give away confidential business information such as this.
Q: Who Manufactures this for you?

Thomas S.
A: The people who grow the enzymes. They grow them for all of the products you see on sale.
Q: Is there any difference between tablets and capsules?

Linda N.
A: No, it is just your preference.
Q: Is Serraseptase Blockbuster capsules coated and caplets ensuring that the entire enzyme is delivered to the small intestine for maximum absorptionall. Or clear'enteric coated' enzyme who is a non-enteric coated capsule. This is not as effective as using an enteric coated capsule or caplet as some of the enzyme will be denatured by stomach acid. For example Enerex's enteric coated capsules and caplets ensure that the entire enzyme is delivered to the small intestine for maximum absorption ! I had atherosclerosis 20% on one coronary on a bad to manage regarding treatment with blockbuster allclear. Thanks in advance for your quick answer, I am just going out the hospital!

Bustin A.,

A: Bustin,

The 80K capsules (and tablets) SerraEzyme is enteric coated and the majority's of testimonials for clearing blockages have come from that. This is the largest selling serrapeptase product world-wide.

The BlockBuster comes in an enteric coated capsule from the USA and we also have some from India where only the powder is coated. If you prefer the former then make sure you ask for the USA version on the phone or in the notes if you enter the order yourself.
Q: OK thanks for quick reply.
By the way, doctor ask me to take statines + special medication for atherosis reduction + cardio-aspirine.

I need to check also glycemy because I am also at 100, 110mgr (by us higher accepted values) So, diabetis ? must be investigate.

Concerning liver, since years I had isolate gamma GTP very high 225MU/ml without explanation. I drink moderate & triglycerides are low 44mgr%
Cholesterol Total i +/-200 >220mgr%. HDL is very good 75mgr% (i am running marathons) LDL is116mgr%

Conclusion how to proceed with yourproducts like serrapeptase or blockbuster + ? for liver & glycemy reduction
If you need more infos concerning blood values
Waiting your reply
thanks in advance

Bustin A.,

A: Bustin,

My recommendation is BlockBuster, krill and HealthyFlow.

See my diet plan below and tell them keep their drugs.

Read about Mike who was at deaths door on 14 drugs.

My recovery food plan from any health issue (and anti-ageing).

Eating a mainly alkaline diet is the other critical thing to do (see attached shopping ideas).

STOP all starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products.
Eat some of the following foods every 2 hours.
Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups) (Organic if possible).
Eat 5 portions of beans, nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds)
Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries, red grapes (especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily) etc).
Wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only a small amount and better grass fed)
Hemp, Omega 3 or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil etc
Drink 8 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda.
Take 3 x 1/2 teaspoons of sea or rock salt daily in food or a little water.
Exercise every day: gentle rebounding, fast walking for 3 miles and low weight training (all to the music of your youth).
Q: Ok thanks I will try. As my cholesterol is endogen (not coming from food) is it running too?

What about dosage for each in my case. When?
How to combine BlockBuster, krill and HealthyFlow.

How long to wait for first results?
I want to convince my doctor to accept so and to control with blood control after?

Bustin A.,

A: Bustin,

Cholesterol is better high than low. High is not a problem unless inflammation is present to set it on fire. Getting your C-Reactive Protein CRP checked will show tthe supplements and your diet change are working.

If your doc does not test your CRP and homocysteine then change your doc to a 21st century scientific one.
Q: Ok  I will check CRP& homocysteine.

Concerning dosage for BlockBuster, krill and HealthyFlow. How to manage on a daily base? Quantity for each & when? Thanks for your help.

Bustin A.,

A: Bustin,

The dosage and frequency are on the web site and the bottle. The maximum therapeutic dosage will last for 15 days and the maintenance dosage will last up to 45 days.
Q: I know but could I take for BlockBuster, krill and HealthyFlow together ?
After 60 treatment, how to proceed ?

Thanks. Bustin A.,BELGIUM
A: The diet change and fish oil every day will be your future.
Q: Explain to me please, why I do not find a non-enteric coated version of your product on the usa website?  I do not wish to eat plastic.

Kathleen B.
A: Call the helpline 800 455 9155. I think they do have them in stock. Alternatively you can open the capsules and ingest the powder.
Q: Dear Robert,

1. Why did you not answer?
2. Did you send already the 4 bottles of SerraEzyme?
3. Could I make the next order in England?

These are my last questions:
4. Do you have a shop in Europe for buying and delivery?
5. Could you send the parcel insured from US?
6. I have already paid with Paypal £56.85 + £6.50 for delivery.
The order status is: Order Completed.
7. Because it was in British Pound £ I thought you send from England.

Best regards,

Rolf S.,

A: 1. I did reply but it must be lost.
2. Yes it went out the next morning after you ordered.
3. Yes at
4. Yes via at
5. Yes but the costs and taxes would be very high.
6. Yes you bought it from England.
7. Yes it was sent from England.
Q: Ladies and gentlemen.

I have a question you went to Germany. What are the transport costs? Enter also discount on orders of 15 you Pakungen. Nennen the Preis. Haben Please also a Dokomenttation FOR Serrapeptase. Herzlichen you and good luck.

Rolf S.,

A: Dear Rolf,

You are already a customer of which means you are assured of delivery. If you buy directly from the USA you risk the goods being seized by German customs officers or at least high changes and duty. If you insist on buying for the USA they charge $25 shipping and you are responsible for the loss or and charges.
Please let us know what you prefer to do.
Q: I have a simple question.
What is the difference between the serrapeptase capsules and tablets?  Is one more absorbent?  Thank you in advance for your help.

Carolee L.
A: Carolee,

No they are both as good. It is personal choice and I take both depending on which is closer to my hand at the time.
Q: I just ordered serrapeptace, 80,000iu is this strength to strong for first starting this enzyme?  I did notice that you have the serrapeptace 40,000 iu plus.  Should I have purchased that? Please advise me.-  Thank You!  By the way, I noticed you quoted a scripture.  Is this a christian company?  "Above all, be in health and prosper...IIIJohn 3:2

Dot S.
A: Dot,

The 80,000iu strength is fine for anyone has been eating 'God made' food, not 'man made' food.  The stronger the better but tell me what condition you are using them for, for more accurate comment. For clarification I have pasted below the food lists. 

"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's" (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Our recovery food plan from any health issue (and anti-aging) and to maintain 'perfect Health' (pH).

Eating a mainly alkaline diet (high pH) is the other critical thing to do.

  • STOP all during recovery, all, starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products. Once you have regained pH then cheating occasionally is normal. You will notice how bad you felt in the past from just one meal of these.  
  • Eat some of the following foods every 2 hours.
  • Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups) (Organic if possible).
  • Eat 5 portions of beans, nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds)
  • Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries, red grapes (especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily) etc).
  • If you want to eat meat, then wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only a small amount and better grass fed)
  • Hemp, Omega 3 or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil etc
  • Drink 8 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a large pinch of bicarbonate of soda.
    Take 3 x 1/2 teaspoons of Sea or Rock salt daily in food or a little water.
  • Exercise every day: gentle rebounding for 30mins or fast walking for 3 miles and low weight training ( all to the music of your youth).If you have serious health issues then you can start with lying on your back and cycling your legs in the air as this will improve circulation to your organs, legs, and take the pressure of your heart and lungs when exercising.
Q: Is the Ecklonia Cava extract in Serranol of the P (i.e. pure) or F (i.e. diluted) type? I have read of an Ecklonia Cava extract product which is available in the USA called Seanol which is available in either the P or F form.

Thank you.


A: I wish more people asked this question. It is the P ie 98% in my Serranol formula compared to the F which is 13% in other products.
Q: Dear Robert,

Thankyou for answering my Email so quickly, thankyou for your specific plan for my situation. I received my SerraEzyme and book order today...needless to say I started in on your book right away,it is easy to read and understand.  I will cancel my intravenous treatments ...I believe your products are a GOD-send...I want to share all this info with all the ailing people I know and believe,there isn't a one that doesn't have some health issue,unfortunately..  Also I will order the other products that you recomend. I will keep you informed of my progress,I would love to have a testimoney on your site someday "soon".

Again thank you and GOD bless you mightily

Barbara G.
 A: Barb,

Then only eat God made food, not man made foods. Convince then with your success.
Q: Hi,

I want to re-order some serrapeptase before I move to Thailand for a year.  Is there any problems with storage in the heat, will it damage the enzymes?  Should they be kept in the fridge in that climate?  
Also does it make a difference if I get tablets or capsules with this in mind?

Josie L.,

A: Tablets are best for heat and dry cool place will work.
Good luck in your travels.
Q: How does serragold compare to serrapeptase?

Teresa K.,

A: Teresa,

What do you want to treat?

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