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What is Cancer and what causes it?
Posted by Anna Jones on 28 May 2014 01:04 PM

What Is Cancer?

Cancer includes a large number of diseases marked by unregulated cell growth, referred to in the medical community as malignant neoplasm. Cancer occurs when cells divide and grow out of control to form malignant tumors; these cells spread and invade other parts of the body. While not all tumors are cancerous, benign tumors do not spread and invade nearby tissue.

What Causes Cancer?

The exact cause of cancer is not known or fully understood. There are a number of factors that increase the risk of cancer, including diet, smoking, certain infections, radiation exposure, lack of exercise, obesity, and environmental pollutants. These factors may damage genes or exacerbate existing genetic issues to result in cancerous mutations. 5 to 10% of all cancers can be traced back to genetic defects; genetics may increase risk but do not directly cause cancer.

Cancer can often be prevented by making lifestyle changes, like not smoking; eating fewer cured or factory farmed meats; cutting out cereals, grains, high-sugar foods, and junk foods; maintaining a healthy weight; staying active; getting natural sunlight exposure; and supplementing with missing nutrients like vitamin D3, iodine, and selenium.

Cancer can be detected in a number of ways, and the earliest forms are detected with a blood test and/or thermographic imaging. It is wise to immediately start a natural health plan in this case. Cancer is usually medically treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery; if this route is chosen, then the natural health solution is even more critical.

The chance of cancer survival depends on diet and the stage of the disease diagnosed. Cancer can affect people of all ages, although some types are more common in children. As a general rule, cancer risk increases with age.

Cancer caused 13% of all deaths around the world in 2007, estimated at 7.9 million. However, cancer was responsible for close to 30% of deaths in Western countries that consumed an unnatural diet. Cancer rates are rising as people live longer and the mass junk food diet becomes more common in the developed world.

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