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Posted by Anna Jones on 28 May 2014 01:06 PM


Serrapeptase Treatment for Diabetes, Lumps and Breast Cancer

“I came across your site sometime last year and took your recommendations for my mom who has diabetes and was complaining of a constant throbbing in her left arm above her elbow.

I got the serrapeptase and she used it and after a couple of weeks she found much relief.

My sister in Canada also used it for a painful lump under her right arm. After using a bottle of serrapeptase she felt a lot better!

I recently got it for a lady (70 yrs) with breast cancer. She has had a hard mass in her right breast from working with chemicals for many years. She has been using Arimidex and started the serrapeptase 40,000IU taking 2 a day.

There is lots of inflammation in her breast since it has become a hard mass. On a daily basis the fluid would drain off, sometimes with a bit of blood. After weeks of Arimidex only a very tiny area to the top started to dry up. Thank you so much for all your info and also thanks for answering my request.”

Florence S., Trinidad and Tobago




Cancer Recovery Plan And Relief for Body Stiffness Aided By Serrapeptase

“I have been taking Serranol for 14 days. It was the first supplement I was on before receiving your food plan for my cancer and for my inability to walk very far due to my body’s stiffness. I’m no longer having any more night spasms. Brilliant. Just thought I would mention that. Thanks again for your help.”

Julia F.







“I have cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. I was introduced to your products by the Nottingham National Health Centre. I had scar tissue and I was taking Serrapeptase and then Serranol. I’m impressed with and have great confidence in your company. I’ve been using natural therapies for a while. I started taking Serranol and Curcuminx4000. I’ve seen someone else who has given me a prescription. If I’d of known what I had known now, I would’ve just gone for the 1st Line Kit. The Graviola is good. As time has gone on I’ve become a customer…

Good Health Naturally is an ethical, caring and professional health supplement company and I would definitely use more of your products. I carried on taking the Serranol and turmeric during my chemotherapy. I take 6 Serranol a day, 4 lots of Curcumin. All of the information is really well researched and the packs Robert put together could save you a lot of money. It’s all common sense. All orders are sent the next day; it’s first class.

The magazine and all of the information we get is appreciated. I feel you really care about the people at the grass roots level and with the £10 vouchers and Buy 3 Get 1 Free offers, you get good discounts and more. It supports me because if I had to pay full price it would be hard for me to pay that every few weeks. The discounts encourage people to go on a maintenance dose.

I feel confident and I’m getting on with a normal life and feeling well since following your program. You hear so much about cheap products that do more harm than good. I’m feeling looked after thanks to your health products and the ethics and professionalism of your company. I would still use your formulas and recommend them to others. I would say to anyone that thinks these products are expensive that in the long term, it works out much cheaper to get your supplements. There is simply nothing else like it.

Robert is always sharing his knowledge and experience about following a healthy diet in his books and magazines; ultimately I feel his approach is all about empowering people to inform themselves and to take control of and improve their own health.”

Mrs Ellis, Nottingham

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