Using Your Standard Linking Code
Posted by on 20 August 2012 01:27 PM

As a Good Health Affiliate, the easiest way to start marketing is to use your Standard Linking Code.

  • Use this link in emails to your contacts with news about Good Health Naturally products.
  • Use this link in your email signature for all your email correspondence.
  • Include this link on your Blog or Website when discussing health topics.
  • If you have a website domain you can set your website address to redirect to this link

You can find your Standard Linking Code by logging in to your Affiliate Control Panel.

This link will display the most geographically appropriate Good Health Naturally web store for your visitor. This link is special for a few reasons:

  • It includes your unique Affiliate ID number - this means that any visitor using this link will automatically be linked to your affiliate account.
  • It includes a personal store greeting and your name. You can change either of these to further personalise your message to your visitors.

To start using your Standard Linking Code, log in to your Affiliate Control Panel.

You will find your code at the top left of your control panel.


See what your Store Greeting page looks like by copy and pasting this link into a new web browser.


If you want to change the way your name is displayed on this page, you can do this in your control panel.
Click on Manage Store Greeting to load the page to edit.
Type your edits to your Greeting Name and Personal Greeting in the boxes.
Remember to click Save Changes


Here is a video tutorial covering this topic.

CLICK HERE to view tutorial

Note: There is extra, valuable information in the video tutorial so it's worth a watch.

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