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Not all probiotics are created equal....
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 28 September 2012 01:33 PM

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Not all probiotics are created equal.... 

.....but I have the STUDIES to prove this is the best!! 

Read more about this amazing probiotic and how it can help your health

Hi Testert
As you're well aware, Good Health Naturally are all about naturally supporting and enhancing your health and wellness. 

Today I want to share with you a vitally important supplement that I have recommended to Good Health Naturally. It really belongs in everyone's natural health arsenal. 

Before you realise the full benefit of this supplement, there's a crucial concept to understand... 

Did you know not all bacteria are bad for us? 

It's true. 

Despite what we're used to hearing - certain bacteria (little microbes) are friendly and essential to our survival. 

One area where these bacteria are particularly important for our health is in the gut. 

A microbial imbalance in the gut can wreak havoc on our digestion, elimination and overall feeling of well-being. 

This imbalance can be caused by various medications (especially anti-biotics), lifestyle factors, environmental toxins and the general stress of daily living. 

The good news is taking the right probiotic is one of the easiest and best ways to promote gastro intestinal health by repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria. 

Unfortunately not all probiotics are created equal. In fact there is only one probiotic formula backed by scientific studies, peer-reviewed and with a one year follow up. 

Good Health Naturally pride themselves on only supplying supplements they truly believe in and that have scientific support for their effectiveness, that's why I have recommended this probiotic. 

This probiotic is Prescript-Assist.

Here's 5 reasons why I love the Prescript Assist probiotic and know you will too: 
  1. Broad Spectrum Formula - 29 different strains of beneficial microflora. This means it better reflects the greater diversity of the intestines vs typical probiotic products that only contain 1-2 strains. 
  2. Superb Shelf Stability - The unique cell protection process means it doesn't require refrigeration like most other probiotics. The majority of probiotics in the market are destroyed by heat and the pressure of manufacturing which means by the time you take them, most of the friendly bacteria have died. With Prescript Assist the cell protection safeguards the friendly bacteria against light, heat and pressure, even at 98?F! Perfect for all year round including when away on holiday.
  3. High Viability - The unique cell protection process also allows the probiotic to withstand breakdown by stomach acid so the good bacteria can reach their target destination intact and become active. Stomach acid can kill any fragile bacteria but in Prescript Assist the friendly bacteria reach the intestines where they multiply and do the job they are supposed to do!
  4. Prebiotic Support - Prescript Assist contains a prebiotic called Leonardite which ensures the survival of the friendly microflora. Lots of other probiotics do not contain a prebiotic!
  5. Scientifically Supported - by a peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled human clinical trial - including a one year follow up study, verifying long term efficacy. No other probiotic formulas are supported with equivalent clinical studies. 

Click here to order 

MY GUARANTEE - I promise you won't find a better probiotic than Prescript-Assist.

There are 60 vegetarian caps which will last between 1-2 months depending on dosage.

So get started today on helping out the little guys (the microbes) who play a big role in your overall health and well being.

Take care yourself, family and friends and if you have any questions then go and ask me a question there 


Robert Redfern 

P.S. Because probiotics are so important to your health please feel free to pass this onto friends are interested in maximising their health potential. 

Probiotics are essential for maintaining and improving general well-being. 

The truth is a majority of people will benefit from taking them.

Usually the body is politely giving you signs that things aren't quite right... 

More specifically, if you or anyone you know are having issues with:  

  • Abdominal discomfort, Nausea and Bloating
  • Candida and other Digestive Tract problems
  • Irregular Bowel Pattern.
  • Excessive Flatulence

Then you could benefit from taking Prescript-Assist. Click here to order

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