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How Is My Commission Calculated?
Posted by on 02 October 2012 10:18 AM

When you become a Good Health Affiliate, you are set at an appropriate rate of commission.

Our store admin automatically calculates the BV Value for each sale. 
Every product has a BV Value, and this value is used to calculate the commission value of each sale.
The BV Value of each sale is recorded in your Control Panel under Commissions Pending.

BV Value is a value we set on every product depending on the profitability of the product.
The BV Value of every product in each of our web stores is calculated individually, as the profitability of each product is different.
This value is then used to calculate your commission value.

All commissions are individually approved, and it is at this time that the commission level on your Affiliate Account is used to calculate your commission value as a % of the BV Value for that sale.

For Example, you may be set at Level 1 commission level - 25% of the BV Value of the sale:

 Payout Type  Current Payout Level
 Pay-Per-Sale  Level 1: 25% for each sale you deliver.

 Therefore, if you have a pending commission of, for example, BV $100 and your affiliate account Payout Level is set at Level 1: 25%, your commission will be calculated and approved as $25.

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