Unfit For Human Consumption
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 19 June 2014 07:35 PM

Health News (Week 25 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


The media have been reporting recently that Diabetes is on the rise. As if that was news! We all know it has been steadily rising for the past 60 years along with the consumption of sugar and with it… an increase in heart disease, cancer, lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease (the big killers).

The media of course in their reports indicate we should cut down on sugar and sugary foods as though one less bagel (more or less) a day will solve everything. Of course the media is fed this misinformation by the medical business and the food industry. The real goal of these organizations are to get people on drugs or create a smokescreen, in the case of the food industry, as to the huge change needed to stop this avalanche of excess sugar and the disease it causes.

To clarify…these diseases, caused by excess sugar, are not being limited by drugs and these diseases start in the womb.


University of California researchers assessed the diets of 454 mothers of babies born with neural tube defects, like spina bifida. Their diets were compared to the diets of 462 mothers of healthy babies.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For expectant mothers, the results were shocking. The risk of birth defects doubled in pregnant women that ate high-sugar foods, including white rice, white bread, potatoes, and some soft drinks. The risk of birth defects quadrupled in obese women.


Is Sugar Needed?

No, technically. There are many studies showing that a diet high in vegetables and healthy fats (The Ketogenic Diet) can deliver all the energy our cells need and many diseases clear up just by following this diet. For the rest of us who just want to follow a regular diet, the amount of sugar the average person needs is 12 teaspoons. Even this may be too much for sedentary people.

What is Too Much Sugar?

Twelve teaspoons a day may seem generous but it is very small compared with the 60-70 teaspoons consumed in the average Western diet. 60-70 teaspoons of sugar is UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Sugar in the western diet can add up quickly.

For example:

  • 1 cup of milk = 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 bowl of breakfast cereal with milk = 8 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 cup of rice (cooked) = 9 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 banana = 5 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 baked potato (not including skin) = 7 teaspoons of sugar
  • 2 slices of bread = 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 average soda/soft drink = 8 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 large soda/soft drink = up to 32 teaspoons of sugar

Poison or Moderation?

If you make it your goal to eat a maximum of 6-12 teaspoons of sugar or 30-60 grams of counting carbohydrates per day, you will be far ahead of the curve. But this sugar must come from ‘acceptable’ foods such as quinoa, a banana, a grapefruit etc

I really hope none of my readers drink fizzy drinks/sodas, if you do replace these with filtered water.

The unfortunate truth is that the average sugar intake in the modern Western diet is 60 to 70 teaspoons each day and this is causing disease. Hidden in bad foods such as: breads, cookies, cakes, pasta, parsnips, drinks, sodas, fruit juices, breakfast cereals, corn products, white rice, white potatoes and of course, all processed foods.

What Can I Do to Cut Sugar Down?

Sugar is addictive, it won’t be easy or simple to stop. Here are my tips:

  • Reduce slowly with small steps. Br dedicated.
  • Take Cinnamon27 before each meal or a drink containing high sugar as this blocks sugar absorption and mitigates the damage it does. Good Health Naturally have this on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • If you have Diabetes get my eBook Solving Diabetes in 27 Days
  • For those contemplating a baby see my Healthy Fertility Plan here

If you have any questions on health or following a ketogenic diet, feel free to contact me Here. Your question will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


1. Am J Clin Nutr November 2003 vol. 78 no. 5 972-978
2. J S Sheffield, et al. Maternal diabetes mellitus and infant malformations. Obstet Gynecol. 2002 Nov; 100 (5 Pt 1): 925 - 930. E L Fine, et al. Evidence that elevated glucose causes altered gene expression, apoptosis, and neural tube defects in a mouse model of diabetic pregnancy. Diabetes. 1999 Dec; 48 (12): 2454-2462.



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Scrap Statin Use Say Doctors
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 12 June 2014 05:08 PM



Health News (Week 23 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


'Scrap statin use', say doctors

Proposals to extend the use of
should be scrapped, a
group of leading
doctors and
academics says in the UK

Dear {sut-first_name:Reader},

My apologies for yet another newsletter on statins but every day there are claims and counterclaims about the safety or even the need for statins. I know many of you have made a healthier choice by avoiding statins but there are many who are scared or simply confused.

There is a concerted attempt by the Pharma drug companies to persuade the public that statins are needed and are safe. Government agencies are now suggesting to prescribe them to millions of people - just in case. There is talk of giving them to children to prevent them getting heart disease later in life. The craziest idea is to put them in fast food condiments that will supposedly protect junk food consumers. All of this is without any meaningful studies as to the effectiveness and more importantly the safety of doing so.

Statin prescriptions in the UK are expected to rise from the current 7 million to 12 million.

The studies that governments use are all funded by the Pharma drug industry, who then get tame doctors to review and approve them. They do their best to deny independent experts the chance to review and critique their studies. You have to ask yourself, ‘What have they got to hide?’

When they do review the Pharma studies, the experts express concern about the medicalization of healthy people.

These are the type of comments real independent USA experts produce:

"Tens of billions of dollars of revenue for the sponsor over the patent life of the drug were at stake in the statin trial, as well as potentially millions of dollars in royalties for the principal investigator," - Dr Lee Green of the University of Michigan Medical School

One of these three new studies, which carefully reviewed the methods and the results of JUPITER, the largest trial for statins ever held, concluded that:

“The trial was flawed. It was discontinued… after fewer than 2 years of follow-up, with no differences between the two groups on the most objective criteria. Clinical data showed a major discrepancy between a significant reduction of non-fatal stroke and myocardial infarction but no effect on mortality from stroke and myocardial infarction.

Cardiovascular mortality was surprisingly low compared with total mortality: between 5% and 18%, whereas the expected rate would have been close to 40%. Finally, there was a very low case fatality rate of myocardial infarction, far from the expected number of close to 50%. The possibility that bias entered the trial is particularly concerning because of the strong commercial interest in the study.

The results of the trial do not support the use of statin treatment for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and raise troubling questions concerning the role of commercial sponsors. In addition, the meta-analysis of 11 randomized controlled trials, found no evidence to back up the JUPITER trial claim that statins can reduce your risk of death when used as primary prevention against heart disease.”

Experts and doctors in the UK in a letter released yesterday (11th June 2014) wrote regarding Government Agency advice to extend statin use:

“…..The draft advice was overly reliant on industry-sponsored trials, which "grossly underestimate adverse effects".

"The benefits in a low-risk population do not justify putting approximately five million more people on drugs that will then have to be taken for life." The drugs reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood, lowering the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The signatories include the Royal College of Physicians President Sir Richard Thompson, former Royal College of GPs Chairwoman Clare Gerada, cardiologists and leading academics.

The side-effects include muscle problems (particularly muscle weakness for men), diabetes, liver and kidney problems, increased cancer risk, anemia, acidosis, sexual dysfunction, immune problems, depression, pancreas and liver dysfunction and cataracts.

Professor Simon Capewell, an expert in clinical epidemiology at Liverpool University and one of the signatories, said: "The recent statin recommendations are deeply worrying, effectively condemning all middle-aged adults to lifelong medications of questionable value. They steal huge funds from a cash-strapped NHS and they also steal attention from the major responsibilities that government and food industries have to promote healthier life choices for ourselves and our children."

One of the signatories to this new letter is London cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, who last month was ‘forced’ to withdraw claims he made in a British Medical Journal article that a million people who use statins experience side-effects.

Statins are the world's most-prescribed class of medications. About 100 million people take drugs such as Pravachol, Mevacor, Lipitor, Zocor and Crestor.

But in recent months, the drugs' medical reputation has come under tough scrutiny.

Should you take Statins?

I would not take statins no matter how high my cholesterol was. I would look for the cause of the high cholesterol and even if I had a genetic problem, I would follow my plan below, since I disagree that cholesterol is the cause of heart (or any) disease.


  • Cholesterol (LDL) is critical for healthy regeneration of the cells in the body.
  • High cholesterol is not a disease and does not in itself cause any damage.
  • High cholesterol is an indication of critical damage taking place in the body.
  • This damage is the result of eating starchy carbs, high sugar foods and drinks, chargrilled foods, bad oils, cortisol (stress/anxiety) and/or infection.
  • The disease is chronic inflammation, caused by the things mentioned above.
  • The inflammation glycates the cholesterol, collecting at the point of damage.
  • Statins may only work as a weak anti-inflammatory.
  • Statins deplete mevalonate and hence, CoQ10, which is critical for cell energy.

Everyone may benefit much better than taking statins, by simply following this lifestyle advice:

Stop eating starchy carbs, high sugar foods and drinks, chargrilled foods, processed foods and bad oils. These are all highly inflammatory foods and damage the arteries.
Take a high dose, powerful serrapeptase formulation, such as Serranol - As well as the powerful anti inflammatory serrapeptase it contains 3 nutrients with countless studies for healthy cholesterol and arteries,
Take a high absorbency Ubiquinol C0Q10, such as UB8Q10 - (x8 better than ordinary CoQ10). For the heart and to alleviate any muscle damage done by statins.
Take a full spectrum, sublingual B vitamin formulation, such as B4Health Spray. This is based around a super formula developed bu Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath for cardiovascular recovery.
Try to walk 5 fast miles every day. The finest exercise for really healthy arteries.

Read and re-read my eBook: IMPROVING HEART DISEASE IN 30 DAYS.

Make a lifestyle change forever. Not just for a few weeks. Happy & Healthy Reading!

If you have any other questions feel free to 'Contact Me', as usual, by HelpDesk and filling out the form. Your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence, as quickly as possible.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


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Cancer News
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 05 June 2014 07:16 PM

Health News (Week 23 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


Over the last few weeks there have been various claims of breakthroughs in cancer treatments and two for virulent skin cancers conducted in Europe. The media headlines screamed out:

‘Man With Skin Cancer 'Cured' By Trial Drug’

‘Skin cancer survival rate soars in new drugs trial’

Since these are funded by Pharma companies with no independent verification they are suspect (how do you know when a liar is telling the truth?).

The Pharma companies in question (like most of the other major Pharma companies) have previously been found guilty of criminal offences and quote a treatment cost of $80,000 per year for the extra 1 to 2 years of life that they claim these drugs will bring. Note: still nothing about cures.

I am sure cancer charities will have part-funded these trials and helped the profitability of these drugs, but not sure why else anyone would ever donate to a cancer research charity.

Does anyone else agree with me that all medical research should take place at universities around the world, funded by taxes and that the top three treatments (drugs or nutrients) which get the safest and most effective results become the recommended standard treatment?

There would be neither need nor place for criminal Pharma companies, in our society, to bribe politicians, doctors and researchers in the middle. I know I am an old romantic but I also believe the existing corrupt fraudulent system will fall apart and I can only hope that if enough people dream about the downfall of the ‘Pharma Mafia’, it will become a reality.

The alternative system of university-led research already exists. Who knows, they may even produce the first cure for one of the main cancers! Curcumin? Vitamin D3? Stopping carbs, sugar, processed foods?...

This is my overview of the Official Cancer Business: (Please note that I firmly state that the only long term cure for cancer is a really healthy foods diet and lifestyle)

I call it the Official Cancer Business (OCB) because that is what it appears to be. The charities, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and the medical treatment business all appear to connive together to make this the most profitable business in the world without equal. For fifty years they have begged for money to enable them find a cure for cancer but have not found even one in this period. The total revenue is measured in the trillions of dollars and the number of people involved in this business is measured in the millions. Their mantra is ‘We are beating cancer and just give us some more money and we will beat it.’

Instead, every year, they now kill more people with mistreatment than were found to have cancer in total fifty years ago. The treatments include highly toxic chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and it is usually overdosing of these treatments that causes many of the deaths. Of course they simply say it is cancer the person died of and who is prepared to argue with them.

Now you would think that there are no cures for cancer since it would surely be the greatest crime against humanity to suppress such a cure. There has been cures claimed by many people over the last 100 years and some were snake oil but lets just stick with recent events…

Dr Burzynski 

Since 1976 in his clinic in Texas has been curing some of the worst incurable cancers. Of course the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who stops anyone and everyone in the USA from introducing cancer treatments (other than the OCB) took action against him including forcing 12 appearances in various courts. In every singe case the courts have found that he does cure cancers better than the OCB and found him not guilty. Even Wikipedia has joined in telling lies about his treatments. This is the sort of treatment that befalls anyone who dares to infringe the right of the OCB to make their billions.

You can watch the history of these videos here if you can bring yourself to watch the crimes committed against Burzyinski and his patients. CLICK HERE TO WATCH There is also an updated Burzynski video to watch, CLICK HERE.

Prof. Jane Plant. PhD, CBE

Was diagnosed with breast cancer and to begin with was a believer in the OCB treatments on offer. She had suffered the loss of one breast, and undergone radiotherapy. She was now receiving painful chemotherapy, and had been seen by some of the country's most eminent specialists. But, deep down, she felt certain I was facing death. She had a loving husband, a beautiful home and two young children to care for. She desperately wanted to live. Prof. Plant decided to conduct her own research and found that breast cancer cases (and prostate) were proportional to the amount of milk drunk in the population. She found: Only one in 10,000 women in China will die from breast cancer.

In Westernized Hong Kong, the rate rises to 34 women in every 10,000. Compared to that terrible figure of 1 in 12 in Britain and the USA and an even grimmer average of one in 10 across most Western countries. Even the highly radiated Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have similar rates to China in spite of higher levels of radiation.

Prof. Jane Plant gave up drinking milk (and eating carbs) and has not looked back since. She has dedicated her life to educating the population of the causes and how to avoid cancer. You can read her full story in her book, ‘Your Life in Your Hands’, by Professor Jane Plant, PhD, CBE.

Prof. Valerie Beral 

Dame Valerie Beral AC DBE FRS (born 1946) is an Australian-born British epidemiologist, academic and a pre-eminent specialist in breast cancer epidemiology. She is Professor of Epidemiology,[1] a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford and has been the Head of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford and Cancer Research UK since 1989.

I only put all of this above because there is no doubt about her credentials. She has conducted one of the largest cancer studies in history of 1.3million women's records and the results showed that taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) caused breast cancer deaths in over 20,000 women in the UK alone. The OCB and Pharma Drug companies have since tried every trick in the book to disparage her studies and to this day most doctors believe HRT drugs do not cause breast cancer. Recently the BBC interviewed her and it is worth listening to hear the facts for yourself. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

1st Line Kit

1st Line is an all natural product to fight against many types of infections, including viruses. It is a patented formula by a British Chemist containing Thiocyanate Ions. When added to water, 1st Line provides a drink which forms the same molecules that make up our body's first line of defense against all types of bacteria, yeast, fungi, flu, germs and viruses. 1st Line offers the aggressive attack to these unwanted infections without doing harm to healthy bacteria in the body, a common side-effect when using antibiotic drugs.


Curcumin has over 60 studies in human and animal studies and in the correct dosage and absorbency shows it can reverse or at least slow progression. As of 2008, numerous clinical trials in humans were underway, studying the effect of curcumin on various diseases, including multiple myeloma, pancreatic cancer, myelodysplastic syndromes, colon cancer, psoriasis, and Alzheimer's disease.

Bharat Aggarwal, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics at Texas University has conducted some of the most exciting trials using curcumin but by publishing the results, this caused him to come under attack by the OCB.

According to researchers at the University of Kansas Cancer Center and Medical Center, study results indicate that "Curcumin inhibits the growth of esophageal cancer cell lines," though how it works "is not well understood."

Previous research has also found that curcumin - and its primary element, turmeric - have been found to reduce cancer growth and brain tumors as much as 81 percent.

"Used by ancient Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, curcumin has been shown to reduce brain tumor size by 81 percent in 9 out of 11 studies," say researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles.

More recently, a study from Zheijian Provincial People's Hospital in Zheijiang, China indicates that curcumin is capable of inducing apoptosis (cell death) within triple negative breast cancer cells. Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a type of cancer that defies conventional therapy.

On April 21, 2011, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, top Western medicine abandoned it's normal research for new toxic chemo solutions for cancer to release a surprising paper on their curcumin research.

And new research shows that curcumin, an extract of the spice turmeric, strikes at prostate cancer on multiple fronts. Curcumin has anti-proliferative actions, likely due to its ability to block angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels that are necessary for tumor growth. Prostate cancer progression is also frequently dependent on testosterone, and curcumin reduces cancer cells’ ability to respond to testosterone. Curcumin further interferes with the spread of cancer cells by regulating the body’s inflammatory responses and promoting tumor cell death (apoptosis). So wide-ranging are its anticancer effects that the researchers concluded, “Curcumin appears thus as a non-toxic alternative for prostate cancer prevention, treatment or co-treatment.”

Did you see the Week 40 Newsletter last year? If not here is a reminder: Week 40 - Curcumin Cured My Cancer

My FREE 20 page eBook on Curcumin is also available from this link, there are two pages on Curcumin's role in fighting cancer if you want to read more.

Vitamin D3

Two studies used meta-analysis, which combines data from multiple reports, to find that therapeutic doses of Vitamin D could prevent up to half of all cases of breast cancer and two-thirds of all cases of colo-rectal cancer in the United States. The studies showed a direct correlation between blood levels of vitamin D and cancer. Those with the highest blood levels were found to be at the lowest risk, and the lowest blood levels at the highest risk. See

A recent study showed that women with sufficient levels of vitamin D were 77% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Two studies from 2007 used meta-analysis, which combines data from multiple reports, to find that therapeutic doses of vitamin D could prevent up to half of all cases of breast cancer, and two-thirds of all cases of colorectal cancer in the United States. The studies showed a direct correlation between blood levels of vitamin D and cancer. Those with the highest blood levels were found to be at the lowest risk, and the lowest blood levels at the highest risk.

McGill University researchers have discovered Vitamin D helps to slow the progression of cells of cancer from pre-malignant to malignant states.


A renewal of the search for a link between breast cancer and thyroid disease has once again demonstrated an increased prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease in patients with breast cancer. This is the most recent of many studies showing an association between a variety of thyroid disorders and breast cancer.


  1. Turken O, Narin Y, Demirbas S, Onde ME, Sayan O, Kandemir EG, Yalaci M, Ozturk A. Breast cancer in association with thyroid disorders. Breast Cancer Res. 2003;5:R110–R113. doi: 10.1186/bcr609. [PMC free article] [PubMed] [Cross Ref]
  2. Bogardus GM, Finley JW. Breast cancer and thyroid disease. Surgery. 1961;49:461–468.
  3. Adamopoulos DA, Vassilarus S, Kapolla N, Papadiamantis J, Georgiakodis F, Michalkis A. Thyroid disease in patients with benign and malignant mastopathy. Cancer. 1986;57:125–128.[PubMed]
  4. Smyth PPA, Smith D, McDermott E, Murray M, Geraghty J, O'Higgins N. A direct relationship between thyroid enlargement and breast cancer. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1996;81:937–941.[PubMed]

The research of Dr Tullio Simoncini (oncologist) in Rome shows that skin cancers epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas are caused by Candida fungus. Epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas cancers have all been successfully treated on an iodine solution of 7%. This destroys the proteins in the fungus completely and works very quickly.


Research demonstrates that powerful substances in graviola—called annonaceous acetogenins—may arrest cancer tumor growth and may even protect your body from developing cancer cells.

Study results have been highly promising:

  • In one laboratory study published in the November 2010 issue of Molecules, Graviola's Annonaceous acetogenins slowed the spread of lung cancer and cancer of the laryngeal cells.
  • In a 2001 study published in the Journal of Natural Products, a compound extracted from graviola seeds killed liver cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

I have long had what I believe is the best cancer diet and supplement plan in my book, The Miracle Enzyme, and you can see the plan CLICK HERE.

If you have any further questions HelpDesk to contact me. Your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


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Your feedback
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 29 May 2014 05:49 PM

Health News (Week 22 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


This week I am sharing reader’s feedback but first a sample dialogue of typical support over the first few weeks with a new client. Note how line questions are easy to ask and easier to answer.

Dear Robert

Your offer to defer payment was very kind. However I have realised that there will be more than sufficient funds in my account to clear my visa when it is due. So I have ordered everything including 1st Line Defence - no use being half hearted about it. I have already given up cheese and milk. I will find fruit a real sacrifice, but there are some very good frozen berries in the supermarkets. A month being very strict should see an improvement. Then I might be able to have some of the fruits just coming into season. Thank you for your help


Email me your plan every few days so I can give you feedback.
Today at my local health and fitness session my blood pressure was 173/91. Usually it is 120-140/80. I also have fluid retention in hands and feet. Could this be caused by the bicarbonate of soda I have been putting in my water for the past four days?
How much have you been putting in?
I have worked out that it is about 5ml in 2 litres of water. Did not use any at all yesterday, swelling has gone down about 50% and 2lb of the 4lb I had gained has gone too.
Keep testing it
After only a week on your regime I have seen improvement. I have less bloating and wind. My breathing is easier, enabling me to be more active and I have lost seven pounds! The diet is a struggle but is getting easier to follow and seeing results make it all worthwhile. My condition is slowly improving. I still find myself craving carbs when I face a stressful situation, but I am sure this will improve. Now that I am gaining more energy I realise I have been running between tired and exhausted for years.
Have some nuts (soaked for 24hrs) on hand to snack on.

Thank you for all your help, everything is on the mend. None of my issues arrived overnight and I realise that I will have to persevere with the supplements and diet for a long time. In fact your 30 day diet is a change for life.

I admit to falling off the diet on occasion - when out with friends or on holiday - however that has taught me that more than a small amount of wheat product will make me thirsty and sugar brings back the acid reflux.

My nausea in the morning has completely gone, I have had no more vomiting since starting your protocol. I have much more energy and I am sleeping better. I am doing more exercise and trying to improve my lung function. I still produce a lot of phlegm, but am hoping that will also improve given time. Even the medical profession is waking up to the fact that natural medicine does work but their hands are tied by NHS directives. My own GP admits that he has patients who would benefit from Serrapeptase but he is not allowed to recommend it.

However a step towards preventative medicine is actually happening, at least it is locally. Our clinic is running lung function classes, exercise classes and walks and intend on expanding this scheme. They are even suggesting that people with breathing problems avoid wheat and dairy for a few weeks to see if there is any improvement. Makes a change from just handing out a prescription. Perhaps we will see a move to holistic medicine, where the cause gets treated, not the symptoms. If so you will have been one of the pioneers.

Many thanks and best wishes

Mr. Redfern I would like to thank you for your info on serrapeptase and Ancient Magnesium Spray; I started taking it for nerve seizures, dizziness, depression, nervousness (Body vibrations) which no MD could explain...In three weeks it’s gone, all of it - just gone! I am whole again, laughing and being my old crazy self. The roped varicose vein on my left leg is slowly disappearing also a major plus :) Everyone says I look so much better and honestly I never thought I’d feel like I’m among the living again, feeling flat is not joyful: (It’s a horrible feeling, I’m taking all the info to my Amazing Dr. in June. He will be amazed and quite honestly as one of God’s doctors he will simply have to try it himself :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

P.S My best friend’s mom has had Parkinson’s for 15 years, she lost her sense of smell due to disease progress, guess who is out smelling roses :) Miracle yes, God has blessed us with people like you to help us heal....

God bless,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the product. I am in my mid 60's and have suffered from constipation most of my life. I have tried many remedies but taking medicine is not in anyone's long term benefit. You sent me some with an earlier order some years ago but I never used it until recently. I have normal bowel functions for the first time in my life and no matter what the medical profession says about up to 3 days being normal - I have never believed it. The Magnesium Oil is probably doing more to ensure that I don't get bowel cancer or disease than any other product I have tried. I ordered a few bottles and it took a while to act - but normal bowel movements are such a relief!

Thanks again.

I have just now finished a bottle of High Strength Serrapeptase, after a road traffic accident 8 weeks ago. All pain and discomfort has now disappeared but I would like to continue taking it - or a lower dose, on your advice, in order to for me to make less mucus.

Dear Robert,

I just want to say 'Thank you ' for all your newsletters, I do find them very helpful and was particularly interested in this week's issue...

I used to be one of the trustees for The Green Network looking into the causes and prevention of cancer, set up here in the 1980s by Vera Chaney now retired and in her mid-90s, before it had to close through lack of funds as we were all volunteers except the experts in their own fields. We put on two presentations to Parliament with so much information and evidence from independent highly qualified researchers and medics and only our own two local MPs bothered to turn up and then only put in an appearance, not to stop and listen so it was the converted preaching to the converted and was somewhat disheartening.

And as for the pharmaceutical companies now just thinking about them ... I can feel the stress rising! and their aggressive efforts to rubbish natural medicine (it has stirred up memories I prefer to forget)

....and thank you too for all your research and your passion, and all the help you are offering to people to improve their lives...God bless you in all you do!

With good wishes,
Sue L

All feedback (good or bad) is welcomed and both of them give me the opportunity to give further help or simply improve communications or the plans.

To send a question or feedback is easy on the HelpDesk and to be clear you do not need to log in, if you find that difficult, just create a new ticket and mention the previous ticket so I can link the two.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


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Does It Work?
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 22 May 2014 07:57 PM

Health News (Week 21 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


‘Does it work?’ is the most common question that I have been asked over the last 25 years. I could simply say I wouldn’t recommend anything that didn’t have a better than average chance of working. Many say the doctor has told them it cannot get better and not to try. I wish these doctors would contact me with an open mind, but I could count on one hand the times doctors have contacted me for help in understanding why the plans work.

A typical question is:



I have bronchiectasis, I've given up grains and sugar as per your advice, any other suggestions? Can that lung scar tissue ever dissolve or repair itself? My pulmonologist says it’s irreversible.

Joanne, US

My response:


Dear Joanne,

Have you had my plan below? Of course a medical pulmonologist says it's irreversible, they are trained in drug care, not natural health care. By the way, they are not your pulmonologist, they belong to the AMA and the Pharma industry.

A few years ago a devout Christian pulmonologist in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, heard me saying this on The Power Hour radio station and asked me over for dinner that evening, along with the radio host. I gladly accepted, as I was not flying out until the next day. When we sat down to eat he told me he wanted to look into my eyes and heart and ask me to repeat what he heard me say on the radio. At the end of the evening he was convinced I was telling him what I believed to be the truth and he asked me for the plans, so he could try them on his patients, which I gladly did.

A year passed and I had not heard from him and had completely forgotten about the event. It just so happened I was invited back to the same radio station and this time my wife Anne was with me, as they wanted Anne to talk about HealthPoint (since it was her idea back in 1990).

We did the two hour radio show and at the end of it, out of the blue, came a phone call from the same pulmonologist inviting us back to dinner that evening. Again as luck would have it we were not flying out until the next day and so we gladly accepted (I was looking forward to hearing his report).

We sat and ate and after the pleasantries I asked him what his thoughts were on my plans. He explained he was working in a large medical centre with over twenty other MD's that served a very large country area. He went on to explain he could only use my plans on people who he could trust and who expressed an interest in a natural approach, rather than drugs. I asked him directly, "Did my plans work better than drugs for those people?” He answered just as directly, "Yes they did". I knew then he had applied the plans correctly, as I already knew they worked but it felt good to hear a high level pulmonologist say it clearly.

My next question was obviously, "What next?” I presumed he would want to present the protocols to the other MD's in the centre but to my surprise he said no, he would not even tell them. He went on to explain that he felt he would be severely ostracized and disciplinary action could be taken against him since the medical system is so against natural health.

I was puzzled and taken aback. I asked him what he was going to do.

I was even more taken aback when he said he, as a Christian, could not carry on in such a system delivering so much harm to patients and had decided to retire and carry on Christian missionary work in South and Central America. He explained, once his eyes had been opened to the truth, he could no longer be part of treating people with drugs that did not work when there were natural things available that did. He did do this and I presume he is still out there somewhere, with his family, doing good work.

This made me think that there must be many Christian MD’s (and doctors in other faiths) who, if they opened their eyes as to how corrupt Big Pharma is and how much harm is being done to their patients, would realize that they couldn’t possible carry on as they are. They may even start a campaign against the AMA, MHRA, Health Canada, TGA, Big Pharma and the politicians who protect them.

To answer your question directly, YES, you can clear the scarring in your lungs (especially if you keep up with the diet).


Robert Redfern

P.S: You can also download my eBook here

If you have any questions on any health issue or want a detailed health plan, feel free to here Your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence, as soon as possible.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster



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Is Gluten Free good for you?
Posted by Pedro Alvarez on 15 May 2014 04:48 PM

Health News (Week 20 - 2014)
By Robert Redfern


I always find it amusing when the media pick up on a new diet fad and either support it or criticise it. ‘Gluten Free’ and ‘added sugar’ are the flavours of the moment. Whilst the media (and the establishment nutritionists they quote) acknowledge that gluten can cause ‘Celiac Disease’, a condition that destroys the lining of the intestines, they consider it is a rare problem. They simply recommend ‘Gluten Free’ products (and less sugar in foods and drinks).

What if gluten was a problem for almost everyone? What if sugar is inherent in high amounts in almost every modern diet (all grains and cereals, corn, bread, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals rice, potatoes, parsnips and pasta)?

What if these foods are the main cause of diseases such as lung disease? What if my super formulations are successful for lung diseases when these foods are avoided?

You can see many of my eBooks at and they all state: lungs, joints, cardio, brain, fertility, eyesight, cancer, diseases, all have these foods as a critical causal factor. I am constantly asked whether there are any simple inexpensive things that can be done when funds are low to get and stay healthy. All of the plans state that eating really healthy foods is the most important thing you can do, to get and stay healthy.

It is not a faddy diet to stop eating all grains and cereals, corn, bread, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals rice, potatoes, parsnips and pasta. It is not a faddy diet to stop eating all meat that comes from animals fed on grains and cereals and corn, or fish that are farmed and fed on grains, cereals or corn, on genetically manufactured plants (GM or GMO), whose genes are altered and mixed with those of insects or other living organisms. Real science shows these foods (so-called) are the cause of diseases.

It is a lifestyle change, something to do now and forever. Not just for a few weeks.

Fake science, as pushed by the food industry, the medical business and the dumb media, says they are safe.

I do believe my formulations help keep you healthy and recover your health but will never stop researching the truth about foods that health and foods that kill.

I am repeating an extract from previous articles below. The point I want to make is ‘Gluten Free’ is not healthy. Just because something has one bad thing taken out does not make it healthy. Get my eBooks and work out your recovery plan sooner rather than later.

The Top 20 Reasons Why Eating Grains and Cereals Will Make You Sick (and may Shorten Your Life)!

1. A High Glycemic Index
According to the glycemic index is a system that ranks foods by the speeds at which their carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body; or to put it more simply, a measure of the effects of foods on blood-sugar levels. All grains rank high on the index, meaning they raise blood sugar quickly as opposed to a slow sustained release of sugar. High blood sugar levels are linked to a multitude of chronic diseases.

2. Mycotoxins
Are poisonous substances produced by fungi, which grow in yeast and mould. Grains contain mycotoxins and these toxins are linked to numerous diseases.

3. Inflammation
A proper essential fatty acid ratio is imperative to good health. Grains contain an improper balance of omega-3s to omega-6s, leading to inflammation. This inflammation is further exacerbated by the unhealthy spreads we put on our grains. The sugars also contribute to damage through a process called glycation. These all damage the walls of our arteries and joints.

4. Acid-Forming
Our body is naturally alkaline. To remain alkaline we require the majority of our foods to be alkaline-forming. Grains are acid-forming and acidifying to our body, leading to calcium loss in the urine and an increased risk of osteoporosis. When our body becomes too acid, acidosis sets in, bringing with it many health concerns.

5. Overgrowth of Unfriendly Bacteria in the Gut
An overabundance of sugar from consuming grains feeds the unfriendly bacteria in our intestinal tract. In the proper amounts these bacteria are necessary; however, in abundance they create illness.

6. Displace other more nutrient-dense foods
Fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are lacking in grains.

7. Fiber Content
Fruits contain twice as much fiber as grains; non-starchy vegetables supply 8 times more fiber.

8. Poor Source of Vitamins
Grains contain no vitamin C or B12 and contain only trace amounts of folate and biotin, another B vitamin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and low levels of B12 and folate lead to increased levels of the amino acid homocysteine, increasing the risk of heart disease.

9. Provide No Calcium
Grains contain no calcium and form an insoluble complex with calcium. Along with grain’s high levels of phosphorus this leads to a low calcium/phosphorus ratio. High levels of phosphorus speed up bone loss. Anti-nutrients are chemicals that prevent absorption of minerals and nutrients, damage the gastrointestinal tract and affect immune system function.

10. Inhibit Vitamin Absorption
Pyridoxine glucosides block the absorption of B vitamins in the intestines, including B6, which is also related to increased levels of homocysteine. Vitamin D metabolism is inhibited by the consumption of grains, reducing calcium absorption.

11. Inhibit Mineral Absorption
Phytates chemically bond the iron, zinc, copper and calcium within grains, blocking their absorption during the digestion process.

12. Enzyme Inhibitors
Enzyme inhibitors suppress the enzymes you need to digest food, compromising digestion and placing stress on the pancreas.

13. Acrylamide
A chemical created in some foods, usually starches, when using high heat or extended cooking times. Bread is a good example and can cause cancer and birth defects, diseases and disorders

14. Glutinous proteins
Glutinous proteins are found in grains. These are responsible for food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

15. Celiac Disease
Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease affecting the small intestine. It may be triggered by eating too many grains early in life or a traumatic event creating stress in the body. Celiac disease causes great distress to the immune system and can be life-threatening. The only “cure” for celiac disease is to completely avoid gluten.

16. Dermatitis Herpetiformis
is the skin form of celiac disease. Avoiding gluten completely applies here too.

17. Hashimoto’s Disease
Hashimoto’s disease is also an auto-immune disorder. It affects the thyroid. Gluten must be avoided.

18. Lectins and Leaky Gut Syndrome
Lectins are proteins in grains, which are indigestible. Instead of being absorbed, these proteins attach to cells in the intestines; increasing intestinal permeability and allowing partially undigested food proteins and undesirable bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This is a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. A leaky gut confuses the immune system, causing it to attack the body’s own tissues.

19. Autism
This condition sees significant improvement on a gluten-free diet.

20. Schizophrenia
Wheat may contain a narcotic-like substance that impacts on behaviour. Removing gluten-containing grains decreases schizophrenic episodes.

Health Complications

Some of the health complications already mentioned and others associated with consuming grains are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Certain cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of kidney stones
  • Aggravated asthma
  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies
  • Anemia
  • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Adult-onset diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Insomnia
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy attacks

Eliminating grains and replacing them with more low sugar fruits and non-starchy vegetables will lead to better health. This can sometimes leave a void where grains used to be.

Are there any alternatives?


.....Alternative Grains

Alternative grains are foods thought of and used as grains, but are actually seeds. These substitutions are healthy, nutritious and gluten-free.

They are:

  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat

These can be enjoyed in recipes you currently make with grains. Get creative with these new foods and they will open up a whole new world of flavours, foods and HEALTH!

To summarise, a 3 point action plan that you can start today:

  • Eliminate all grains
  • Increase, dark skinned fruits and berries, and non-starchy vegetables
  • Replace grains and experiment with ‘alternative grains’ such as quinoa.

That's it! Live long and be grain free!

If you have any questions on health or diet here to contact me. Your question will come to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence.

Regards, good health....

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


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